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Quiet acts of American Patriotism

Today I was at the store picking up some groceries and witnessed a touching act of camaraderie and patriotism.

I noticed a young boy (maybe two or three years old) who had a Marine Corps cover (hat) in his hands. The little boy, with what I imagined was his father's headgear in hand, was helping his mom and sister food shop on this quiet Sunday morning.

“Is his father deployed?” I thought to myself while looking at the young boy hugging the desert-colored Marine Corps hat.

In the brief moment that our paths crossed, I noticed the hat was worn out from use. I assumed that whoever had worn the hat had probably given it to the child as a tangible connection to the Marine in his absence.

I thought how hard it is to have a loved one deployed. If the Marine who owned the hat was, in fact, overseas, was this family's Marine staying safe? I wondered.

It caught my attention at the store how many people had specks of patriotism and displays of their affiliation to the Armed Forces - past and…