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Monsanto kills Fox News story of their BGH hormones in your milk

This is what I consider important public safety news. There are always two sides to each story but I do believe that money = power and that those in the highest position shape the way in which many of us view the world. We (as humans) have naively followed many principles before that have ultimately been dismissed as false. (i.e. the world is flat - that one sure a top qualifier among the funniest we once considered the "truth" in retrospect) Until public opinion changes, we often take pop culture as the only possibility for truth. Why would we know any better?

However, modern technology provides access to information so, here's to the freedom of information.

I have compiled many articles about Monsanto, cancer and its impact on public health. Listed below are articles and video clips ranging from professional to personal opinion.

My goal is to just get you thinking ... how do you feel about this situation?

Milk: America’s Health Problem by Cancer Prevention Coalition