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If he's blind, why offer a wheelchair? The strange things people say ...

Today I woke up and left beautiful South Florida and headed out West. I had a connecting flight and then about a 70 mile drive once I landed at my (temporary) final destination and then many more miles to go the next day but that's a different story. My flight out of Florida was early in the morning, which was perfect for catching some Zzzzz's on the airplane. I'm excellent at sleeping on aircraft, in vehicles and in any available space when I travel whether public or otherwise. When I'm tired, I sleep. When I don't sleep, I'm grumpy and no one wants a little grumpy Jersey girl on their hands.

I absolutely love my little South Florida airport. Big airports are overrated, crowded, more expensive and have longer lines - thus, require travelers to arrive much earlier. I checked in with the airline this morning (not the friendliest morning crew I've ever encountered), headed through security and then the terminal. I opted for the body-scan machine and arrived a…

Behind the Scenes at the House of Style Photo Shoot: Miami, FL

What's it like behind the scenes at a fashion photo shoot?

I photographed the House of Style photo shoot at Paul Mitchell (Miami) to see what exactly goes on behind the scenes. This was a event for aspiring models, photographers, make up artists and hair stylists - networking, practice, experience and more experience make a difference between those who know the industry and who view it from the outside in.

I love checking out fashion ads and catalogs. There are some stores such as Anthropologie whose catalogs (and now Facebook page) I always look forward to. Their photography is simple, understated yet colorful and sophisticated. I love it. There are other fashion ads that I see in Vogue, for example, that confuse me to no end. Why is it not in focus? Why is it washed out? What is the image trying to convey? What exactly are they selling it and why did someone think it was effective to sell it this way or that way? I definitely don't have the answers because I just turn the pa…

Crawling into the garbage

I literally crawled into a huge container of garbage this morning. This was not how I planned on starting my Saturday morning. This wasn't even an activity I anticipated for this week, month, year or even lifetime. Up until now, I'd never climbed into public garbage ... that I can recall.

I was heading to yoga and thought tossing away my trash in route to the car would be a good idea. It was a good idea - tossing out the trash that is - the bad idea was dropping my keys in the garbage along with the trash.

We recycle where I live and have 4 garbage options because of it. One is a huge dumpster for non-recyclable materials and the other three bins are for recycling. I tossed a small bag into the huge dumpster and opened the lid to the glass/plastic recycling cart and in goes my bag ... and ...

I hear an unfamiliar sound when I threw in my garbage and notice my hand is completely empty. I was just holding my keys, right? I look at my other hand and see ... no keys.

Did I just t…

Announcing a new yoga class in
West Palm Beach with Priyanka Shanbag

Design & Photography by Liesl Marelli of Girona Consulting
(Click to the document to enlarge the view & enjoy relaxing yoga music!)

How to avoid being a jerk in Yoga

I'd like to know where our common courtesy goes when we chuck it out the window. Does it plummet to the ground, hit some innocent by-standard, hide behind a bush or dissipate into the air ... never to be seen again?

I absolutely love my yoga class. I really do. What I dislike are people in class who have no basic respect for others. We have have a big class all the time. It's at least 50 people and regularly upward of 70 plus. Our instructor has control of the room but what do you do when someone in class starts causing a disruption? Talking or ringing cell phones top the yoga-rudeness chart.

Class was great except for the way it ended. Each class we end in Sabasana ("corpse" pose). It's basically when you just lay on your back and relax your entire body and mind. Our instructor turns up the chill music a bit and after a couple of minutes we make our way to a seated position, the music is turned down, we put our hands at our heart's center in Namaste, she does…

The Best Ranger Competition ... Easier said than done!

Attending the Best Ranger Competition (BRC) at Fort Benning, Ga., is a lot like watching a sporting event that most observers neither understand nor truly appreciate. Going into this competition, I was one of them.
The BRC is open to any tabbed Ranger who is willing to subject himself to three days of physical and mental brutality that might make him question himself time and time again, "Why did I volunteer for this?"  
The competition's events aren't disclosed ahead of time so the Rangers can't prepare mentally or physically for the individual events. However, there are a few guaranteed items they'll encounter in the competition:
There is no programmed sleep involved in the three-day competition. This means that the two-man teams either get sleep or don't get sleep based on their team's performance. If they are slow at accomplishing some tasks, there's a good chance they don't get to rest much. If they find themselves waiting for other teams …