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Ohio's 5h Annual Warrior Challenge

Photos from the 5th Annual Warrior Challenge are available here. Photos include both day 1 and day 2 events. Some are of smiling faces and some ... are less than thrilled because the Drill Sergeants are giving them a good workout (aka "smoke session").

No matter if you are currently in the military, are thinking about joining, served but are now back to being a civilian or have no military experience whatsoever ... check out the photos. They will give you great insight to some of the many tasks these soon-to-be Soldiers completed.

Why did I call them soon-to-be Soldiers? Well, they are all people who signed up for the military but haven't yet transitioned fully into their military roles. These guys are assigned to the Recruit Sustainment Program - a program designed to train, mentor, equip and have full accountability for anyone who has not yet made their way through Basic Combat Training or Advanced Individual Training. Only after completing both BCT & AIT are they…

Another year older is such a blessing!

I think I'm at the point when getting ID'ed doesn't happen all that often. I definitely don't look 21 nor do I look a single day less. So, some places just look at me and see ... wisdom, maturity (what other polite words exist for "aged?") on my face and don't bother asking for ID. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes that sucks but what that does mean is that I'm older. I made it through my childhood, I lasted through those crazy teen years, my twenties have come and gone and here I am ... beginning my third decade on this earth. What a blessing!

I know plenty of people who dread getting older. We live in a "plastic" world after all and the pressure mounts to look younger than we actually are. I happen to love getting older - not necessarily looking older or recovering from, ohh, let's say, a night out on the town a little slower than I did before but who cares?! I don't party like I did before so an occasionally wasted day "recov…

Rasasvada: Taste of Bliss in the Absence of Thoughts

Because I'm constantly inspired by the world around me!  Photography & Design by Liesl Marelli of Girona Consulting For more information visit (all rights reserved) 
so ...when's your photo shoot? email today. 

The Endless Borders of our International Community

I am happy to share a website with you that I designed for my father, a skilled photographer and chiropractor, who traveled across the globe to Micronesia where he offered his services free of charge to Islanders in need. Since his trip, he has spoken frequently about his experiences and his desire to return again.

I know that many of us are conflicted with doing something we want to do vs something we have to do. Life is short though so why not figure out a way to spend time doing what is good for our soul and the world around us.
                 I promise -- it's possible to make it work!

To everyone in our world who is considering selflessly serving our global community, cheers to you!!

To view his website click hereDesigned by Liesl Marelli of Girona Consulting

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Religion, Art & The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art on the upper east side is one of my favorite museums in the world. Not only is it incredibly convenient but it's also affordable! Next time you are there just look at the cost of admission.

The Museum offers up nearly every type of art from different period in our world's history and from varying cultures. There are many occasions when I can't even make my way through all the rooms in one shot. In fact, it's possible to spend a day just in one part of the museum - the part that speaks to your hear the most!

The photos included in this blog are from a recent trip to The Met. It was possibly the shortest trip there but still worth it!

I often wonder what the artists would think if they knew their work made it into a museum. It's not like a lot of art was created with the intent of gaining such notoriety.

I hope that whether you are Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic or none of the above, you can still find something in The Met that you…

Atypical Family Portraits - capturing your traditions

No one says you need to break out matching wardrobes and head to the beach for a sunset photo shoot if it isn't your thing - particularly if the idea makes you cringe. Personalized photo shoots are the way to go! Family portraits are important but what I feel is most important is capturing what you love doing together because it's that tradition that is most important, right? Not necessarily a staged, unnatural photo shoot.

To drive home this point, I'm including photos of two brothers from a photo shoot last year. Going to the park and playing soccer (correction:  fĂștbol) together brought out their personalities. The afternoon was beautiful - Florida always has a way of making photo shoot days a little brighter and happier. Don't you think?

If you are looking to do a photo shoot with friends, family, siblings, etc., and aren't looking for a cookie-cutter photo shoot, let me know. If your traditions are built upon playing sports together, cooking together, going to …

Nature's Stunning Backdrops offer a Variety of Styles

For me, photography is about variety. When a client asks for portraits, I try to give them as many looks as possible. I realize that we define and embrace our own terms of beauty, and so, who would I be to give just one or two looks?

The greens, the soft sandy beach tones, varying textures ... they all play a role in setting the scene. Within a 100 foot radius, I can look around and find countless ways to use the background to our favor. It's a matter of staging and willingness (on the part of the client, of course!). 
What's best of all is when a client smiles as they review their collection. I know which ones are my favorite but I'm never sure how they define their own beauty. You know? It's tough to understand how someone else sees their self. 
I love the way the photos from this recent collection turned out. If you are looking to do a photo shoot in South Florida visit to submit your information. A day with a client and my camera is alwa…

Spreading love one car wash at a time

Who would pass up a free car wash? Not me!!  I was driving home last week from the farmers market and saw a group of people standing off the side of the road with a sign that said "free car wash." 
Don't mind if I do! 
I drove up and was signaled to stop. The people started washing my car as I sat in it, which was a bit awkward feeling. You know? Just sitting there while other people work for free? I dunno ... it just didn't feel right. I would have rather grabbed a sponge and got at it with them but that wasn't a part of their deal. 
Do you know what else wasn't a part of their car wash?? Accepting donations. That's right. All they wanted to do was give people a few fliers about their church and invite them to service. That was it. 
Since they refused to accept a donations, I thought I'd post some info about them on this blog. If I can't pay them with with a couple of dollars for their kindness, the least I can do is pass along their info. 
Now, …

Celebrating a Landmark Birthday in Style

I think it's only natural that we hope/want to have photos that capture how we look and feel when we reflect upon our lives. I recall taking a sociology class about time and memory at Rutgers - okay, I didn't pay attention nearly as much as I should have - but I do recall discussing how we retain "recent" memory and attribute importance to rather insignificant days. There is nothing significant about a one-day difference in any generic sense of the time except when it leaps us into a new category. For example, remember turning 21? 
There was no real difference between the day before your 21st birthday and the "big day" except that suddenly you were granted new freedoms you didn't have only one day earlier. Those few hours before we turned 21 were not much different than the following hours except that we could finally drink legally or get into certain lounges, right? (haha) But, as we age, there is a difference between turning 23 and turning 30. Fo…