Many thanks for your donations to pregnant female Veterans

Today I attended a baby shower at the West Palm Beach VA. It was so wonderful that they honored us female Vets and even provided an abundance of donations for each and every one of us. I'd like to mention the people & organizations responsible for some of the donations:
  • Jack & Carol Miller
  • Ibis Comfort Knitters
  • Seminole Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Sand Dollar Quilters of North Palm Beach, Florida
  • Greater Federated Women's Club
  • All-American Hero BBQ, LLC
  • Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary (DAVA)

They had a few games where winners received extra gifts but all of us walked away with a basket of goodies -- as photographed below. I sat at a table with two other Veterans (around my age) which was wonderful who were both due in February. In fact, one of them has a Valentine's Day due date -- isn't that sweet!! 

It's not often that the military remembers its women nor that female Veterans are as recognized as our male counterparts. So, I'd like to offer my most sincere appreciation for everyone who donated, knitted and offered us so many wonderful necessities. Not photographed below but also provided to each of us were maternity bras, nursing bras, breast pumps, belly & back supports and a few other items -- too many to name.

Me & my love -- he's kissing my 4 moth big (or small?) belly. 

My love & I in Italy ... at least our one personalized baby onesie will say "Made in Italy." As a proud Italian-American I can't help but be happy about it!! 

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