The Power of Business Portrait Photography

Educated Wealth Center Business Photo Shoot © Photography by Liesl Marelli of Girona Consulting (all rights reserved)

Business Portraits (aka executive portraits or professional portraits) is a bust shot or head shot that is similar to a personal portrait except it is used for business purposes. Business Portraits can be used on websites, blogs, business cards, press releases, brochures, marketing and promotional materials, networking websites such as LinkedIn, used in resumes and more.

The photo displayed to the right, for example, was shot "on location" at the client's business. It's a nice feature, in my opinion, to include parts of the location in the photograph that people will see when they schedule meetings with you. Of course, a solid background (as used with in-studio) is an equally beneficial setting as well.

Girona Consulting offers free consultations for clients where we will discuss wardrobe, location, establish a date/time for the shoot and any other details/questions the client may have about the shoot. I always encourage clients to share what kind of photo appeals to them (emailing a sample is a great way to do this) so I can mirror exactly what they are looking to achieve.

Contact Girona Consulting today to schedule your on-location or in-studio photo shoot.

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Without a doubt, investing in professional photography for your
business portrait is worth every penny! 

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