Funny and pregnant at the same time?

i was looking at maternity shirts online and thought these were freakin hilarious.  
who knew you could be pregnant and still have a sense of humor. haha

actually, i was scouring the internet for one of those "hands off" shirts so people didn't touch my baby bump since some people think that a pregnant woman's belly is public property and can be touched without permission. lo and behold, i found some great shirts out there. 

this baby bump brought to you by a Marine. 
you can touch my belly if i can punch your face

no, really, pregnant women just love it when you tell them how big they look!

i grow people. what's your superpower? 
i think i might be pregnant

love my buddha belly
loading ... 
no touchy

"virgin" is possibly the funniest shirt i've seen out here. i absolutely love it. 
virgin? lol 

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