Operation Homefront Freedom Walk & Run 2012 in West Palm Beach

© Photography by Liesl Marelli of Girona ConsultingYesterday morning was Operation Homefront's 3rd annual 5K Freedom Walk & Run in downtown West Palm Beach along the waterfront. Let me begin by mentioning how fantastic it is living in South Florida - the scenery is so beautiful. Who wouldn't enjoy running along the waterfront during a warm sunrise and hearing the wind in the palm trees? It's perfect.

Now Florida weather is a complete crap shoot this time of year but once again the weather was perfect. Runners and walkers came dressed all sorts of ways - some had on workout attire, some wore the Operation Homefront t-shirts and others were topless (men only -- sorry guys, I don't have any photos of topless women haha) and even barefoot. Yes, there was a full spectrum of participants.

© Photography by Liesl Marelli of Girona Consulting
Photography by Liesl Marelli (all rights reserved)
Here are some great stats about the event:

  • There were a total of 450 registered walkers & runners
  • The youngest participant: a whopping 6 years old
  • The oldest participant: 70 years old
  • Fastest Male: Jacob Alplund at 16:36
  • Fastest Woman: April Flynn at 19:45
Operation Homefront raised more than $15,000. As a Veteran I truly appreciate what they do for our troops. Their primary mission is to provide emergency financial assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. A worthy cause, don't you agree? 

Of course, even if you did not participate in the event you can still donate to them by going to their website here.

I have major kudos for all the kids who ran in the 5K. They were so adorable. Moms and their daughters ran together in coordinating outfits, some parents were jogging along with their kids in strollers and everyone seemed to have a great time.

I did try to photograph nearly all the participants who came out so check out the gallery here and find your photo. They are in chronological order if that helps you find your image faster. All photos are available for purchase through the gallery.
© Photography by Liesl Marelli of Girona Consulting
Photography by Liesl Marelli (all rights reserved)

Oh, and although the palm trees were fantastic in the background, the ice cream truck really was the funniest backdrop there. Here you have a bunch of fit people jogging and behind them is an ice cream truck waiting to feed them. HAhHAhA It cracked me up.

And, you'll also note the 4th ANGLICO Marines watching this woman (and many other women) run by. It appears they appreciated the female athletes the most. LOL

The photo below is my favorite motivating group there. This group wearing red shirts, I think, was a part of a local running group. As they finished their run, they'd stand around the finish line and cheer on damn near everyone. They were fantastic!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to support Operation Homefront!

So next year around this time if you are in South Florida and would like an excuse to hang out with a bunch of people, get your workout on, bring the kids into the sweet, fresh air ... whatever your reason, you should consider attending!

© Photography by Liesl Marelli of Girona Consulting
The Cheering Section
Photography by Liesl Marelli (all rights reserved)

All photography by Liesl Marelli is available for purchase. You can view the entire gallery here or check out Girona Consulting on facebook

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