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Pausing to Give Thanks


2012 Veteran's Day Parade in West Palm Beach

We attended the Veteran's Day parade in downtown West Palm Beach for the second year in a row. The weather, once again, was absolutely perfect, which made the day even more enjoyable. There were a few surprises with this year's parade ...
There were soooooooooo many beauty pageant girls and women in the parade. I'm not sure how they correspond with Veteran's Day but it sure was a strange addition, in my opinion. Even more peculiar were the titles such as "America's Perfect Woman" and "Miami's Perfect Miss." Admittedly, I don't keep up with pageants but those titles seem a bit pretentious to me. I couldn't imagine applying for those titles let alone wearing them ... but diversity makes the world go 'round, right?There were no Marines that we noticed. There were a lot of Sailors and Soldiers but we missed seeing Marines this year. If they were there, maybe they did some kind of Urban Operations and moved tactically down Clematis Str…

It's Veteran's Day. Do you know what a Veteran looks like?

Last month I was dumbfounded when a woman shared her perspective about what Veterans "should" look like. She was told me that she wanted the photos depicted of Veterans to be more ... graphic, heinous and display grotesque injuries instead of just people in regular clothes doing regular tasks. "How would anyone know they are Veterans?" This was a big issue to her since she fund-raises for a Veteran's organization.

As an OIF Veteran, I was pretty annoyed once the first sentence rolled out of her mouth. After listening to her perspective, I was basically thrown over the edge by her "rationale" for wanting only physically injured Veterans displayed as if the other Veterans didn't count.

Here's why I was so confused/frustrated with the perspective ...

Their organization supported Veterans with physical and mental/emotional injuries ... so whether they were an amputee or suffered from PTSD or mTBI, their organization supported them. So, what does s…