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Love, A Grateful Mom

I have a new appreciation for people who hold doors, who are willing to pick up something that slips from my grip and offer to help me with my bags. Being a mom is such a blessing and yet it is also quite a challenge as well when the "village" isn't there to help.

I must give credit where credit is due.

Jimmy John's in Royal Palm Beach, you guys rock!
Employees at Jimmy John's in RPB went out of their way to keep my little one happy who was asleep in her car seat. I was in route to a park and needed to pick up a quick bite. Having said that, nothing is quick when you have a little one and, to make matters worse, waking her up just seems so mean when she is smiling and having such great dreams.

I drove up to the JJ's with impeccable timing though. The parking spot I got was literally in front of the window front and the person behind the register happen to be making eye contact with me as I parked. I waved him over with a pleading smile on my face. He gave me …

Questionable Journalism: Corpse

UPDATED: Man Found Living With Woman's Corpse On Couch
Posted by Scott T. Smith / CBS12 News

         REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) -- A man lived with the decomposing corpse of a 72-year-old woman for about six months before court officers serving an eviction notice discovered her body moldering on a sofa in a Detroit-area trailer home, police said Friday.
         Dennis McCauley, 64, was arrested Monday after letting the officer into the trailer at Long's Mobile Home Court in Redford Township, west of Detroit.
         "The officer noted a pungent smell of decay and observed a corpse in the room immediately to the right of the front door," Redford Township police Sgt. Kevin Crittenden said Friday. "He called us. The corpse had obviously been deceased for some time and was partially dried out." [article continues here]

Can someone tell me if corpses are ever not deceased? Last I checked, using the word "corpse" indicated death. With that being sai…

Should Breastfeeding Hurt?

I was told breastfeeding didn't hurt. To be honest, this was one of the biggest misconceptions of early motherhood days. I believe what people meant to say was, "Breastfeeding hurts at first but one day you will go to feed and it won't hurt at all; in fact, it will feel good!"

Breastfeeding doesn't come easily, in my opinion. What comes easily is deciding to breastfeed over feeding my baby GMO-packed garbage (aka formula). It was only natural that I would feed my baby from the body in which she came. I mean, it only makes sense that the body that made her will be the body to feed and nourish her, right? Apparently there are many women who feel differently about it but for the women who are becoming a first-time mom, let me give you an honest approach to breastfeeding.

I thought my boobs were big while I was pregnant. My B-Cup days had long been forgotten since becoming pregnant ... However, I realize now that they were big during my pregnancy days but they becam…

Public Service

I cannot express enough how proud I am of all of the agencies who are pulling together in Boston following that unthinkable tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Public service to a grateful nation is a thing of beauty! #prayforboston

Boston 04.15.13

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Peaceful & Loving thoughts to all those affected. - GC

Surprises in South Florida

This morning while going around the house to open up the windows, I found an unusual peeping tom. An 11" dinosaur (okay, it's only an iguana) was on the window! If my daughter was any older, I bet she would have asked for us to keep it. haha But, since this dude was so big and the window he was climbing has such finicky screens, I kept the window shut. After the afternoon rains passed, he was gone. I wonder if he'll return.
Just another day in South Florida ... 

I won't even deny it ... Yes, we should clean the windows! haha

** I learned that this is not an iguana after all but rather a Cuban Anole. Who knew?! Thanks for the feedback @emilylaye88

Opening Night "Honor & Serve"

Last night was the opening night for photojournalism exhibit "Honor & Serve." I'm happy to report that the evening was successful - a great turn out, sales and many smiling faces who enjoyed the evening. I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. John Marelli (my father), Ruth, Carolyn, Richard and Bill. Of course I'm also grateful for the inventors of the Maya Wrap Baby Carrier because it kept my little one happy as could be! Everyone loves babies but no one likes crying babies. It's the truth. But, my little Sofia did a beautiful job staying cute and happy last night. Such a blessing!

Below is a book created for last night's event (currently for sale and also on display at the gallery) as well as photos from the evening. To view the entire (event photography) collection or purchase a photo from the event you can click here or check them out on facebook.

Please keep in mind that the show will remain on display until the end of the month. Proceed…

Securing Our Daughters' Future

I received a wonderful note from a professor I had at the University of Illinois. Thanks to Facebook, I'm able to keep in touch with a lot of people who I otherwise may never have kept in touch with. I think it's a note worth sharing ... 
Sure glad you are a photographer and writer. Getting to see new pictures of Sofia is my feel good treat of the day or night. And loved reading your description of her labor and birth. I love the week by week pictures. Most of my other friends/relatives post pictures a couple times a year. So I'm a devoted admirer from afar. And you and other former students turned feminist, loving moms give me GREAT HOPE that the next generation will grow up surrounded by love and progressive ideas of equality. The world needs more GREAT MOMS (and dads). So I know that Sofia's generation will do a better job of taking care of the planet and each other than our generation did.
P.S. really miss students like you, today's kids are younger and more clue…

There's a National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day?

As a breastfeeding mom, I find myself awake at many hours and more often than not, I start watching the news during the 4 or 5 a.m. feeding. This morning I was surprised to learn that we had a National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. What's more surprising is that somehow mentioning this was newsworthy.

Let's review journalism's accepted top 5 items of what makes something "newsworthy."  Timing, significance, proximity, prominence and human interest. Which one of those makes PB&J Day "newsworthy?" Perhaps mainstream media also defines "newsworthy" as anything that makes their paid advertisers happy?

Keep in mind that I'm not sitting in a small network area. I'm in the NY Metro area and, let's be honest, there are a ton of things happening locally that should make the news. Of the more than 10 million people in this area, is there really no one and no business doing anything newsworthy? It's absurd to even humor the idea that …