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Because Of The Brave

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It's Memorial Day! Did you know that this holiday isn't just a reason to go down the shore, get sweet deal on a new car or enjoy a day off from work? This weekend, believe it or not, is actually about our brothers and sisters in arms who passed away in service to our great nation.

Do civilians and Veterans pay homage the same way to this national holiday? After being in war for so many years and for wars that have touched at least one generation of American families in recent history, I find it hard to imagine that civilians don't connect personally with the holiday. However, it's an American right to not care whatsoever about those who gave you the rights you are free to take advantage ... without even an ounce of gratitude.

I don't take the sacrifice of others lightly. I'm a Veteran and am truly grateful to have left a war zone and return to my family and even start my own family after it. Today I bow my head a…

Our Food, Our Future

March Against Monsanto is right around the corner. On Saturday, May 25th, I am participating as a business owner, mother and an investor in our nation's health and future in a worldwide protest against Monsanto.

I love food.
I'm an excellent eater if I do say so myself (discounting my 1st trimester of pregnancy haha). In fact, I've traveled to countries just so I could taste their food first hand and not through American influence. Tis true - that's how much I love food - authentic food. As a foodie, I certainly want to know what I'm eating. Even when I ate bugs in Thailand, I knew what I was eating (I think? haha) but in America, there is no reason to not know what we are eating. 
If you had two options in front of you --- "Genetically Modified Organisms" or "Natural" --- which would you choose? I know which one I'd pick every time.

I find it peculiar that the people we vote into office don't truly represent our best interests. I am sur…

Breastfeeding. Know your rights.

There are a LOT of laws on the books. Some of which we know, others we think we know and some that we have never even heard of. That being said, breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to carry a breastfeeding law card so they can inform business owners and the general public if ever they encounter one of those unfortunate comments, "You can't breastfeed here."

I designed the card two ways that you can download and print through online print companies or your own computer. 
This business card "License to Breastfeed" is a GREAT gift for moms-to-be.  Why not include it with your baby shower gift? 

These cards created by Girona Consulting are public domain. Please use them, share them and help others learn about the rights of breastfeeding mothers in America! 
And, if you would like personalized breastfeeding card - for your state or that has your name on it - please contact Girona Consulting.

UPDATE: I recently created a Virginia, USA specific card to reflect recent…

Put down the margarita and go hug a midwife.

While many of my friends are busy celebrating Cinco de Mayo (although I'm not sure if they understand the reason they are drinking the day away ...) I'm at home with my beautiful 3 month old daughter and am thinking about the midwives who were there to welcome her into this world.

Did you know that May 5 is International Midwives Day? Tis true!!

What is a midwife, you wonder?
Midwife: (noun) A midwife is a person who has successfully completed a midwifery education programme that is recognised in the country where it is located and that is based on the ICM Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice and the framework of the ICM Global Standards for Midwifery Education; who has acquired the requisite qualifications to be registered and/or legally licensed to practice midwifery and use the title ‘midwife’; and who demonstrates competency in the practice of midwifery.
There are still so many people (women and men alike) who don't know about the power, education and sup…

Think Before You Donate

Makes you think about the places you donate money and goods to if you saw the "Think before you donate" on Facebook or anywhere else online. So, I thought I'd see if any of this info was verified and came across the website Snopes. Let's begin with the information I saw on Facebook today ... Below it is the information that Snopes researched and discovered.

* The American Red Cross * March of Dimes * The United Way * UNICEF * Goodwill * The Salvation Army * The American Legion * The Veterans of Foreign Wars * The Disabled American Veterans * The Military Order of Purple Hearts * The Vietnam Veterans Association * Make a Wish * St. Jude Research Hospital * Ronald McDonald Houses * Lions Club International

Info on about Charitable Compensation ... I am including both the excerpts from the "original" email content posted on Snopes along with their corrected information. 
First things first ... here is the info circulating on the web that Snopes look…