Think Before You Donate

Makes you think about the places you donate money and goods to if you saw the "Think before you donate" on Facebook or anywhere else online. So, I thought I'd see if any of this info was verified and came across the website Snopes. Let's begin with the information I saw on Facebook today ... Below it is the information that Snopes researched and discovered.

* The American Red Cross
* March of Dimes
* The United Way
* Goodwill
* The Salvation Army
* The American Legion
* The Veterans of Foreign Wars
* The Disabled American Veterans
* The Military Order of Purple Hearts
* The Vietnam Veterans Association
* Make a Wish
* St. Jude Research Hospital
* Ronald McDonald Houses
* Lions Club International

Info on about Charitable Compensation ... I am including both the excerpts from the "original" email content posted on Snopes along with their corrected information. 

First things first ... here is the info circulating on the web that Snopes looks into ... 

Here is the research they discovered. Some good, some not so good. 

And, perhaps the most useful information of them all comes from Forbes directly ...

Click here to view the 100 Largest US Charities and their charitable commitment percentage.

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