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Remembering Moments

I was at the beach the other evening with my family. The sun was setting, the water was calm and there was a beautifully gentle breeze that provided relief from the hot summer day. I was thinking about how grateful I was for my family - especially for my little girl. Her smiles, her giggles, her noises, her beautiful body that grows more and more each week.

Years from now, I'm sure the conversations we had on this particular day may fade into my distant memory but I am confident that I will look back on this day and remember how I felt in this moment.

Grateful. Loved. Happy
I think the saying is true ...  "We don't remember days
We remember moments."

Cheers to all the moments that make our smile lines!! 

The Trouble Is ...

I support human, animal and environmental rights. Why? Well, why not?
I've been involved with PETA since middle school. It all began when when my science teacher told us we'd dissect animals in class that a little red flag shot up in my mind. "Why do we need to kill animals to learn about them?"

To be honest, how do middle schoolers really benefit from having animals killed so they can poke and prod a dead creature and say, "Ewwww!" It didn't make sense to me. If nothing else, why not have the teacher lead us in the dissection so only one life was lost? It was still a sacrifice I wasn't willing to support but at least financially and logically wasn't one lost life better than hundreds?

I got a video from PETA called "Classroom Cut ups" (there wasn't internet at the time so I contacted them directly) The movie was so upsetting watching human's inhumanity. I remember sitting there in our downstairs office in our house, hugging my…

long time, no read.

Finding time for yourself is tough for (new) breast-feeding mommas - especially the first two months after baby arrives. Being a mom is the most rewarding time suck I've ever experienced. However, I feel like my attention span has taken a back seat ... along with my reading habits.

How can I pick up a novel while attending to my wonderful bundle of joy who needs me all day, every day? Well, I found a book that is P E R F E C T for breastfeeding mommas!

The Last Girlfriend on Earthby Simon Rich is the ideal return to my love affair with books. Contained within its pages are funny short stories, which means I can knock out a story during a nursing session, put it down and not have to worry about finding my place or need to remember where I left off!

The stories are freakin hilarious and insightful. I selected this book because it looked like an easy read but it turns out that it was an even better pick than I had anticipated.

Furthermore, motherhood is stressful for first-time moms. W…

A Photographer on D-Day

I can't even begin to imagine the anticipation, anxiety, fear, courage and trepidation wrapped inside a person on D-Day holding a camera who was dedicated to photographing and documenting the operation.

Today is D-Day's anniversary so I thought I'd pay tribute to those who bravely documented it. This kind of photography is no spectator sport. There's no "time out, don't shoot me" possibilities. You are in it. You are a part of it. You are as much a target as everyone else. Considering the conditions: the physical and mental burdens, the shear number of wounded and killed around you (if you, yourself, weren't injured), the sounds of weaponry, screaming, water breaking, the pull and push of the tide, the sound of hatches releasing so troops can make their way to land, the smells ... I don't even want to imagine that one ... and yet there are STILL photographs from that day! Unreal!

 Let's also consider that cameras were not waterproof then, wer…

Website Design by Girona Consulting

I recently designed a website for a wonderful local bistro. I believe that it's important for websites to reflect the quality of food, service, etc., on a business' website. This restaurant is so highly awarded and recommended that I wanted to ensure that returning customers and new customers as well could peruse their website and have their mouths salivate when they check out the food. After all, who doesn't like food porn?

I think the menu, photos and website turned out beautifully. I love my job! 

If you are in Palm Beach and are looking for a wonderful place to dine with family, friends or colleagues, I highly recommend checking them out. Reservations are suggested.

Bon app├ętit!
Below is a link to the website I designed

A Menu Designed for a fantastic French Bistro

I recently designed a menu for a highly acclaimed French bistro in Palm Beach. Talk about fantastic reviews — this bistro earned 28/30 from Zagat, is a Fodor’s Top Choice restaurant and has tons of positive reviews from customers. It was great working with a local business and one that is so highly regarded by locals and international visitors alike. Here’s to supporting local businesses!!

Check out their mouth-watering cuisine! Or, if you are in Palm Beach, check it out for yourself. It offers amazing French cuisine but not to fret, it isn’t a pretentious kind of place. I’d consider it smart casual and works well for a multitude of functions — dining with business colleagues, family, a romantic dinner with the hubby or wife or, like my hubbs and I plan on doing, going with our daughter. Yes, it’s family friendly as well. After all, this restaurant is a family-run place so they are as family as it gets.

Enjoy the menu!!