My 1st 30 Day Challenge

This post-pregnancy body of mine has got to go. My daughter is 6 months old and I'm 100% full steam ahead -- eating healthy and adding fitness back into my life. I've been fit for pretty much my entire life and lugging around extra weight is no good for me, my joints or my wardrobe (I live in South Florida and the more clothes you wear, the more miserable you are).

Thankfully, a fellow mom & Army Vet introduced me to the 30 Day Squat Challenge. Committing to 30 days is totally reasonable and the squat challenge is PERFECT for moms because you don't need a lot of time to do it, you don't have to go to the gym and you don't have any excuse since you can do it anywhere and anytime you want. The only requirement is you DO follow the schedule. 

I looked at the challenge and thought 50 squats in a row was reasonable. 250 sounded way too tough for the physical shape I am in. Despite my better judgment I figured I'd do it every day and I'd give it my all. No excuses, no complaining ... just get it done. 

Day 1 begins with only 50 squats. But do you know what's tough to do a few months after giving birth? 50 Squats

You'd think lugging around an infant day and night would create an immediate Superwoman physique. Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the case. I panted through the entire count and continued to do so each and every day. 

Fast forward to Day 27: Yesterday I knocked out 230 squats in a row - no breaks. And, do you know what? I got it done and it wasn't so bad. Now, with an infant sitting on the ground by me as I do them, it's easy to lose count. So, I created a method for counting without losing track. 

Each one counted for 25 except for the last one, which counted for 30. It's much easier counting in sets of 25 and, once I got there, I put one down. It felt like the count wasn't going to end ... but it's better than doing too many or shortchanging myself because I lost count. 

One change I did make to the calendar (if you decide to follow the 30 Day Squat Challenge) is not taking days off. On each day off, I did a number somewhere between the previous day and the next day. This kept me on track every single day that passed. I thought if I took a day off and followed this schedule I might forget to do squats the next day. It's much easier doing something every single day because it's a part of your daily routine. 

I can't say that fat has dripped off my body but I am stronger than I was on Day 1. My daughter LOVES listening to me count. Sometimes I'll do the squats behind our big recliner so it looks like I play peek-a-boo with her the entire time. She giggles and acts like it's the best game on earth. For me, it's rather exhausting but being fit as a woman and as a mother is incredibly important to me. I have to set a good example for my little baby, right? 

Now that I'm almost done with this challenge, I have added a new challenge called the 30 Day Beach Body. Yet another small fitness task to do each day. I love this. I hope other moms embrace these challenges and avoid those silly things like dieting and pills. I breastfeed so dieting is totally out of the question anyway. 

Yesterday was Day 3. And, after 230 squats I can tell you that 50 burpees SUCKED. It took me forever to get them done but I did complete the count. I then put my daughter on my chest (legs sort of wrapped around the neck and also kicking me in the neck at times - haha) and did my 50 kickdowns. She loved this even more than when we play peek-a-boo squats. 

I wish all the moms and non-moms out there who are trying to get in better shape or even maintain their fitness level good luck as they complete these two 30 Day workout challenges. It has been great to me so far. 

Get in shape, ladies. Fat is only cute on babies. 

And, if you STILL don't think you can commit ... check out this TED talk by Matt Cutts called "Try Something New for 30 Days." It might be the inspiration you need. 

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