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Women Deserve It.

Inducted. Drugged. Disconnected. Unaware. Unprepared.
Perhaps we have 40+ weeks of pregnancy because it's the amount of time we need to prepare for laboring, birthing, breastfeeding, parenting and more. Personally, the moms who stockade toys, frilly bows for their babies and formula before even meeting their little one drive me a bit nuts. Yes, buy cute things for baby. I'm certainly not against that. I am, however, completely against the notion that birthing, mothering and breastfeeding come naturally and thus require no mental or physical preparation. And the moms who buy formula in advance? Well, I just want to gather them up and put them in house arrest ... while hosting La Leche meetings in their living rooms.  =) 

How a child is born matters. How a mother labors and gives birth matters. This experience sets the tone for the first and most important introduction you will ever have with anyone in your entire life -- when you meet your baby who has been growing inside…

The New Museum & A New Mug

My brother is a museum guru. He knows about every art show, every gallery event, every new exhibit. He is completely in the NYC art scene, which is understandable since he is an artist who lives in Manhattan. I'm in South Florida so the NYC scene is something that happens when I try tirelessly to combine seeing family, friends and checking out something new in a very short trip back "home."

My in-the-know brother shipped me a HELL YES! mug from The New Museum to me when I was deployed to Iraq. The mug's letters are in a magnificent color scheme -- rainbow. OMG this was the absolute best gift to ever receive while I was deployed to a complete shithole in Western Iraq a few years ago. I drank out of this mug all the time and, since I was deployed with a Combat Arm's unit (women weren't organic to these units) the men really didn't know what to make of the mug.

Now, as a chick (a feminine one at that) who was deployed with a bunch of knuckle draggers, the m…

Put away your phone. I'm sitting right here.

It's so much fun spending time with friends, isn't it? Life is good when you're laughing and joking, sharing stories, making memories ... E X C E P T when they throw their manners out the window and kill innocent bystanders. Paying more attention to someone on the other end of a phone instead of with the person you are are actually hanging out with ... you know, like ... in person ... is rude. Plain and simple.  
I love my cellphone. I use it throughout the day but do you know when I don't use it? When using it is rude or insulting to the person or people I'm with.  
Did you know that your cell phone won't self destruct if you leave texts unanswered for a few minutes or ... dare I say ... hours?!! If your friends stop being your friends because you took too long to respond then I have news for you ... they suck. Find new friends that are deeper than the tear that falls when they leave your life. 
What is the urgency all about anyway? What is so important that i…

WHY do women need a magazine to showcase their art?

I was asked today why women need a magazine to display their art. Why? Geez. I thought if I was asked that question, it would at least be from a man.

Women often earn less, frequently find themselves the primary care givers and so many support them and their families off of their own income, which is still less than a man's wage for equal work ...

I thought an affordable magazine for female artists was the answer.
In fact, I believe in my heart it is the answer.

The entire magazine isn't sold in eights or quarters or serve as a discount booklet. Many women may be priced out of expensive magazines but that doesn't have to stop us. Which is why I am creating a a beautiful publication with the sole purpose of displaying remarkable art by remarkable ladies worldwide. We are from all over the globe - each of us has a different perspective on life, on art, on community, on beauty ... so this collaborative effort brings forth a richness that makes the magazine stand out.

I'm …

Another Happy Artist.

I'd love to share with you the latest feedback I received from a contributing artist about the magazine so far. We are working on the October 2013 issue and give artists a preview of the magazine.

 "I just had a look at your online draft of the magazine and I got friggin’ GOOSEBUMPS and felt quite emotional. The magazine looks so beautiful and really focuses on the Art factors. Just beautiful, Liesl. I feel completely in awe to be featured in this magazine alongside all these incredibly talented women artist. The work is simply breathtaking!" 
To participate visit

How the magazine is shaping up so far

Just another update about the Women in the Arts magazine. I cannot wait to unveil the title but that will have to wait -- the title will include a number and that numbers is the # of women participating in the first issue and the # of countries they represent. This way the magazine is personalize and the women who are taking a chance on this new venture will forever be honored.

So, how does the magazine look so far?


The contributing artists love their pages. Here's a quick sample ...

Sponsor Female Artists

I've created an advertising rate sheet for our new Women in the Arts magazine. It is my goal to open up the magazine to female artists without the means to financially contribute so they still have the ability to showcase their work to a global audience. Who will your advertisements help sponsor? Women living with lesser economic means - particularly refugees, single parents, survivors of famine, war, domestic violence and those with physical and mental disabilities. After all, this is a global initiative and the value of currency from country to country is evident. In the USA, $15 dollars for one page and $25 for two pages may not seem like much but we all know it is for many women throughout our global community.

Art is a means of communication for so many of us. And, this method of communication should never be underestimated or taken for granted. I think that this magazine is going to positively impact women's lives. Be a part of that wonderful gift by sponsoring a woman…

Words from one mother's heart

I was contacted by a mother to create a custom piece of art for her little boy that she is adopting. As a mother, I know the words we love saying to our little ones come from the heart and imprint themselves on our relationships we develop with our favorite (little) people.

I sing a certain song over and over again to my daughter - to calm her, to just sing while she nurses, to lull her to sleep, to comfort her ...

Any mother looking for custom quotes for her son or daughter's nursery room is more than welcome to contact me. After a few drafts (and color changes) we got it perfect for this soon-to-be adoptive mom.

Magazine Themes for December 2013 - December 2014 Unveiled

I cannot wait to announce the name of the women in the arts magazine but that will just have to wait until
the first magazine is published in October 2013. However, I can share with you the themes for the issues starting in December 2013 and going through December 2014.

Why themes? Well, as a global community, we all celebrate certain days throughout the year. Why not celebrate them together and let our art reflect our interpretation of those events?

Artists are not limited to the theme but in order to have your art considered for the cover, it must relate to the theme. 

December 2013: International Human Right's Day
January 2014: Global Family Day
February 2014: International Mother Language Day
March 2014: World Water Day (All BLUE art welcome!)
April 2014: Earth Day
May 2014: International Midwives Day
June 2014: Day against drug abuse and trafficking
July 2014: Summer Celebration
August 2014: International Day of Indigenous People
September 2014: International Literacy Day

More Women, More Art

I am so thrilled to announce that the women in the arts (name TBD) magazine is really picking up steam. The October issue is well underway & the artists LOVE the way the design is coming along. Yes, Yes, Yes. Things are turning out great.

What is the magazine's name, you wonder? Well, I've decided on a name (I'll announce it later) that will feature a number at the end of it. To honor the women who are participating in the first issue ... I will add the number of women participating and the number of countries represented to the title as well. It is my way of honoring all of the women who are taking the chance on this magazine and believing in what it stands for.

I'm so excited to involve women from across the globe. I've already made the acquaintance of many talented artists from Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa and across the US. To my surprise, some women participating in the magazine are local Floridians as well. So, for me, the magazine has a local feel …

She says, "If I knew earlier."

Yesterday I sold one of my baby items to a soon-to-be mom who is due with her second child. Before she walked back to the car, I asked her, "Do you plan on breastfeeding?"
"I haven't decided yet," she replied.

I wish this question was rhetorical. To me this question is as nonsensical as asking, "Will you feed your baby when he/she is born?"

I haven't decided yet. Those words penetrate my soul and make me want to go knock on Enfamil's founder, board of directions, CEO, COO, etc. and yell at them. In the USA, mothers are given a very expensive "easy out" of feeding their child a healthy and natural way -- breastmilk. Formula may look (sort of) like breastmilk but it is no where near as healthy -- not by a long shot.

I invited the mom to attend our La Leche meetup that happens once a month. I have been attending since I was about 5 months pregnant. This was part of my journey of pregnancy and education about motherhood - a commitment I w…

Discounts Matter.

I live in Palm Beach County. There is some serious cash flowing in this area from long-term resident movie stars, politicians,corporate presidents, CEOs, COOs, etc., and many other multi-millionaire (and billionaire) international visitors. I could say that my photography prices are fixed but I won't. Within Palm Beach County there are also many people who live a life far from the rich and famous who are simply trying to get by and make ends meet. So I honor everyone's financial situation as best as I can by giving them a photo shoot rate that is within their means so they don't have to "wish" for a photo shoot one day. Why turn someone down for a photo shoot because they literally don't have enough to pay for what I usually charge?

I believe wholeheartedly that everyone deserves a photo shoot whether it's a single mom and her baby, an elderly couple whose grandchild is visiting or a recent college grad looking for a professional photo for their LinkedIn …

Word is Spreading. The Excitement Builds.

I mentioned the other day that I am in the midst of creating an all-female artist magazine. Well, I now have quite a few women committed to the first issue.

Areas represented:

Bulgaria AustraliaSouth AfricaPolandCaliforniaTennesseeNorth DakotaFloridaMaryland This is so wonderful! I know it takes faith to be a part of a new project but I am so grateful for these ladies and their faith in this magazine. I know it will turn out beautifully and they will see how their work is beautifully displayed and honored on their pages.

If you are a female artists and are interested in learning more, please contact me. I would love to get more countries represented ... perhaps some in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America? Contact me for more. I'm happy to chat with any and all female artists who might like to participate.

A few basic facts about the magazine ...
The magazine will be monthlyI have not selected a name for the magazine yet. I'm open to any ideas. Since it is gl…

Protecting Your Pets from Heat

Floridians know about the heat. It's hot, it's humid and sometimes our pools warm up so much that they feel more like a bathtub than a refreshing dip. That being said, it is crucial for pet owners who live in hot climates to be extra careful in the heat because their pets feel it too!

    Recently, a friend of mine lost her beautiful little puppy to the heat. Her dog, Luna, was outside too long in the sun and (most likely) had heat stroke and sadly died because of it. She was such a sweet little dog and my friend was crushed to lose her. It's a mistake she made that I'm sure she won't make again. But, perhaps this blog will help you (and your friends) make sure it doesn't happen to anyone you know.

    Many pet owners will tell you that their pets are their kids so losing them is truly devastating ... Let's make sure other little ones who we carry in our heart does not have to lose its life to the heat.


No Parking!

Women in the Arts ... where are you?

As you may already know from my other blog posts, I am an avid supporter of women in all facets of their life. As such, my latest endeavor will unite women across age, ethnicity, geographical location and artistic genres. I am in the midst of gathering women artists who are interested in being represented in a new type of magazine ... an AFFORDABLE magazine where women artists (and only women artists) will get to feature their work.

Have you learned how much it costs to rent space at galleries who then take a commission off of your work? So, not only do you PAY them to display your work, they also take a percentage of your profits IF any sales are made -- and let's be honest, renting their space might be more their interest than selling your work.

This is what leads me to designing a magazine that is affordable and smart for all women in the arts. Each issue will feature 20 - 40 artists ranging from photography, sculptors, painters, jewelry designers, fashion designers, welders a…

In Texas: Go Big or Go ... find a place to nurse away from kids

I cannot believe I am writing about another breastfeeding incident during world breastfeeding week. Can't we place the ignorance on hold for at least one week out of the calendar year? Please?

Texas has hit the radar for nursing mothers because a mom was told to cover up while feeding her 16-day-old baby. OMG(oddess) I cannot believe they considered feeding her baby indecent. These little lives need an abundance of love and boob time. Why? Let me tell you. Their bellies are so small that they need to eat often because their bellies fill up fast but then they fully digest it, dispose of it and need to eat more. That means new moms are feeding their little ones (on demand) at least every two hours.

Lucy Eades was at the Burleson Recreational Center with her husband who filmed the entire incident. And, I'm glad he did. But let me talk to you a bit about the effect of stress and breastfeeding.
Deepak Chopra's book about holistic pregnancies and childbirth discusses how the ene…

Milk Makers' Peaceful Protest Earns National Spotlight

Moms often get out of the house to socialize their little ones, break up the monotony of their daily routines that often confine them to cooking, laundry, cleaning, changing diapers, managing the household and to also give themselves a well deserved mental break from baby chatter and listening to Baby Einstein (no offense Baby Einstein but after 30x of anything, it gets annoying).

Socializing is essential not just for babies but also for moms. And, one Mommy play group ended up going national when a friend of theirs was discriminated against on an American Airlines flight for feeding her baby ... with ...  omg ... HER BREAST. The nerve of this mother ... offering her breast to her baby and not giving him formula or pumped breast milk in a bottle. DISGUSTING.

Okay, you can probably sense the sarcasm because I can't even fathom the idea of discriminating against a woman for the most normal act a mother can do with her baby -- feed it with the body that made it. Breasts aren't s…