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Are #Hashtags Overused? #TweetForLife

I laughed hysterically when I watched "#Hashtag with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake."

First and foremost, this sketch perfectly represents the modern phenomenon of Twitter's influence in our daily lives. Secondly, now that our every move is documented throughout social media, will there ever be a day when we will be able to step back and revert to regular communication?

As an 80s kid, I know that life is perfectly fine without technology. In fact, I remember in kindergarten calling a classmate who lived in the town next to ours - it was a long distance call though because of the county line. Long distance ... LOL Remember having to deal with that? I also remember that we only had a 7 digit number, not 10. As an adult, I have never paid for a landline and the other day when my brother mentioned he was going to be interviewed on NPR but needed to call from a landline it occurred to me ... does anyone even have landlines anymore? And, I'm not talking about the bab…

9.28.13 Free Admission to Museums!!

Saturday, September 28 is Museum Day. Thanks to the Smithsonian magazine, there is a list of participating museums that will offer FREE admission. Free events + education + adventure + family-friendly = super happy & smart campers.

The Smithsonian Magazine does note that free admission excludes parking fees so keep that in mind. But, some museums are down right expensive so having the admission covered is a big perk.

My daughter may be too young to appreciate (most) art but I will still go (and bring her, of course) anyway. What I love most about museums is the space becomes my own. I can look in silence at something and discover what the art means to me, interpret it in my own way and experience it makes me feel. I sometimes paint a picture in my mind of what the artist was thinking, how she was living, where the art used to be displayed ... I paint these fairy tales in my mind and love it. It's part of the excitement and adventure for me. I look forward to the day when my da…

Holiday Photo Shoot Special in West Palm Beach for Deserving Single Parents & Their Adorable Kids

Baby-Led Weaning: Nomm Nomm Nomm

Did you know that feeding babies rice cereal and canned baby food isn't a necessary transition for babies? In fact, one thing I learned about in these last few months is Baby-Led Weaning (BLW). Originally coined by Gill Rapley, a midwife, BLW term is basically letting your baby feed herself when she is ready to wean.

According to the Nourished Kitchen, "Baby-led weaning is the practice of trusting your baby’s innate sense of hunger, of want, of self-knowledge and of self-limitation. Baby-led weaning offers parents and their children a natural, relaxed approach to the introduction of solid foods and the eventual cessation of breastfeeding. Instead of relying on prepared, commercial baby foods or even homemade purees, mothers and fathers simply introduce their babies to natural, wholesome real food from the start – relying on their babies to self-regulate and lead the way."

In addition to practicing BLW, I also practice the philosophy, "Food before 1 is just for fun.&…

Improving Birth One Rally At A Time

This morning my daughter hit the protest circuit for the first time. At 7 months old, she has officially participated in her first protest -- one very near and dear to my heart -- Improving Birth.

This national rally (held annually so go ahead and get ready for next year's event now) has one primary focus: Bring evidence-based care and humanity to childbirth.

I birthed my daughter naturally but it wasn't without its challenges. I was laughed at by my OBGYN(s) during prenatal visits and was reminded that I couldn't do a natural birth -- and if I could then why would I? It's stupid to experience pain if you don't have to.

I disagree.

Women, particularly pregnant and hormonal women whose stress levels and emotions directly affect the fetus, deserve respect, support and evidence-based care.

The "care" (or to be more honest, the lack there of) compelled me to fight with Veteran's Affairs to cover my maternity care through midwifery. First of all, it cost…

Women in Art: Holiday Shopping!!

I am so excited about the new magazine. Next month this time the October issue (our very first issue) will be released. The magazine features women from Australia, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, California, New York, Puerto Rico, Florida (of course, because I'm in Florida - haha) and so many other locations.

I'm even working on some Women in Art gear to help get the brand out there. After all, many of us artists could use a little in-person promoting, right? There is gear from dart boards, t-shirts, postcards, stickers, coffee mugs (I love coffee and can always use a mug -- see "The New Museum & A New Mug" blog entry from last week) and many other goodies.

I love knowing that talented female artists are supporting one another. The magazine itself is not a money-maker ... yet ... but I know it will help all of the artists land new clients and any help they get is good help, right?

It's tough being an artist but it's also incredibly rewarding. Through our art, we…