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Who needs a gym membership when you have nature?

Who needs a gym membership when you have the beach, the woods and the benefit of extra happiness and health from the sunshine's Vitamin D?

In fact, American evolutionary biologist Edward O. Wilson suggests there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems - a term coined "biophilia." I find it hard to doubt that theory because we should feel connected to nature. After all, we are from nature but our lifestyles have changed that connection. Most of us don't work outdoors or spend time outside with the exception of running errands or driving here to there. So, why not dedicate a few hours each week to feeling sunshine, experiencing the seasons and being one with nature (and your ability to sweat!)?

Now for some of the perks for working out in nature instead of working out in a gym ...
it's free you don't need a membershipyou don't have to sanitize machinesyou don't have to wait in line for machinesyou don't have to "dres…

Honoring Our Mothers (Art Competition)

Art Competition Theme: Honoring Our MothersThis theme is open to interpretation and all art genres are welcome to participate.

How do you define Motherhood? As a first-time mother, my eyes have opened up to the world in an entirely new way. I see children differently, I see mothers differently, I see the connection and circle of life differently. Growing and birthing a child is such an empowering experience - creating life - I mean, what is greater than having your body make life!?! It's simply astounding. I am also a breastfeeding mother so I feel as though my respect for my body has increased because of the process. Not only did I grow and birth my baby but I also nourish her with my body as well. It's so beautiful!

Women in Art 278's competition is running from October 15 - October 29. Each participant may submit up to 3 images. Voting is open to everyone! So, submit your artwork then ask your friends to vote you up to the top!

The winner of the competition will be fe…

Women in Art 278 [ printed ]

The printed edition is STUNNING! The quality of print is not your average, run-of-the-mill magazine quality. Women in Art 278 showcases everyone's art with nearly unmatched vibrancy, clarity, color-accuracy and quality.

Part of the reason that it's so affordable for artists to participate in the magazine is that the print edition is available but not included in participation. We do this for a few reasons (1) is to keep the cost low per page so artists aren't priced out the magazine - just imagine the cost if we calculated printing and shipping to all of our artists to include our many international artists and (2) because we value our environment and don't want to send copies to people who might otherwise not want a copy.

Having said that, if you are interested in a printed edition, you will be pleasantly surprised. Included are a few samples of the printed magazine. I wish I could convey the way the paper felt to the touch - the thick and sturdy pages, the way the c…

Cloth Diapering. What took me so long?

When I was pregnant, I signed up for almost every available local eco-friendly class. One of the only classes my hubbs & I took that we didn't do a damn thing with was cloth diapering. It seemed so labor intensive. Plus, we don't have the ease of drying our diapers in the sunshine so we thought we'd skip it and stick to disposables.

Fast forward 8 months ... I finally decided to give cloth diapering a chance. I hated that disposable diapers filled my garbage can (babies have a way of flying through diapers!), my daughter's bum was often irritated by the different chemicals used (and we tried a lot of brands)  and I knew they'd end up in a landfill. 

I heard they leak. I heard they also might stink from odor if not washed properly. I heard you needed fancy detergent. Yes, I heard everything. But, I figured ... why not just give it a shot anyway?

There was a good sale and so I ended up trying an adjustable one-size pocket diaper with tons of snaps. I figured investi…

Women in Art 278 (October Issue)

I am so proud to make this announcement ... the October issue is here.
There are two ways to check it out (1) you can view it for free online or you can (2) purchase a printed copy. Now, when I call this a magazine, it's certainly more than that. The quality for the print edition is simply amazing - not those flimsy thin pages but thick pages with amazingly vibrant colors that do each artists' work justice.

Read it online for free click here

Purchase a copy click here
Women in Art 278 (October 2013) By Liesl Marelli in Women in Art 278 70 pages, published 10/1/2013 Women in Art 278 Magazine featuring female artists from across the globe. This issue features artists from the Italy, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Australia, South Africa and the USA. For more information or to contribute to the magazine visit Thank you for supporting the arts!