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Mindful Living. Thank you, Abe's Market!

I love eco-friendly, healthy F-R-E-E gifts. Don't you? Recently, I won a $25 gift certificate from and bought myself Organic Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil as well as a natural body mist. Two amazing goodies completely free.

But, what's even sweeter is that they included a postcard with "thanks" written on the front WITH a stamp already on it. On the back there was a small bit with directions reading, "Got this postcard from a friend? Lucky you! Celebrate the power of kind words and the KIND & community & share it on Instagram or Twitter #kindwords."

I'm a letter-writing kind of girl. My mom raised me to value letters and notes and I will pass the same values to my daughter. The Abe's Market postcard is in route to my cousin and her hubby who recently passed along some great (recycled) baby clothes for my little girl. I'm a HUGE fan of reusing baby clothes. Babies and kids grow SO quickly so why spend mon…

Little Dinosaurs Lurking in South Florida

I love living in South Florida. I say it all the time despite the heat, the increased bill from practically year-round A/C and parking like a Floridian (finding the ONE shade-casting tree in a parking lot) when I'm out. Having said that, perhaps the craziest things about living here is seeing random animals outside my window. This is certainly the climate that unfortunately encourages pet owners to abandon their pets and, sometimes, these little dudes survive and thrive.

Take for example, this little dinosaur that came to say hello. My daughter and I, when we aren't outside, always look outside because she loves the ducks and birds. But I noticed this creature with spikes and it caught my attention. Totally not your run-of-the-mill little lizard! She was about 2.5+ feet long but I didn't get close enough for a full measurement. LOL

You may share the photos of this little dude but please credit the photos properly. Thanks! 

Forget other accessories. My baby is mine!

I wear my baby. I learned about baby wearing while I was pregnant and thought it sounded pretty interesting. I purchased a Moby (hated it), a contraption wrap from Target (hated it), bought a Padded Maya Ring Sling (love it), a Chicco (liked it and used it a few times until I was told how bad it was for baby), Hollywood Birth Center gave us a K'tan (LOVED it! just another perk about choosing a natural birth path!) and then I purchased a used Ergo from a local mom (LOVE IT! as photographed).
Not all wraps are created equal. There are plenty that I don't like - particularly the ones that are just yards of fabric that make me do way too much work. Come on, I'm not up for a wrapping lesson every time I want to wear it. By the time I tried wrapping up my daughter and me, she was annoyed and so was I. No thanks! I sold my unused (but once washed) Moby to a local mom. Yup, that's one of the perks -- you can sell and buy used wraps and they are fantastic. 
I remember when I f…

So you'd like to buy a gift for a little human?

It's the holiday season and that means consumerism is at its pinnacle for our calendar year. People scramble to buy things from themselves, friends, family and extended relatives. Included in that lot are children ... sometimes theirs and sometimes (the easier route!) those belonging to others.

What are you supposed to get a kid anyway? Is it a baby who just lays there and doesn't do a whole lot? Then chances are they don't need a whole lot. I'm of the belief that a home doesn't need to be jam packed with kid's stuff and that kids don't need an extensive wardrobe. What little ones need is love, hugs, attention, play time (builds their body and brain!), nutrients from mom (I'm pro-breastfeeding) and to be worn by mom, dad or anyone close who is willing to do some positive baby wearing.

With that being said, great gifts for little ones from include ... 

* Diapers! If the parents own a washer and dryer, buy a couple of cloth diapers. They will ultimately sa…

Art Magazine [ free ] Raffle

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are the terms and conditions: By participating in this giveaway, you qualify for a FREE two page spread in the January 2014 issue of Women in Art 278 magazine. The winner will be contacted directly and must be able to submit their artwork no later than December 29, 2013 via e-mail (high resolution artwork, social media links and an optional artist statement). We welcome ALL female artists across the globe and art genres!

January - February - March Art Contests

We have some wonderful art contests coming up. Each issue of Women in Art 278 (as of the December cover) will feature a theme inspired by a global issue. Why? Because as women and global citizens, it's important to keep global issues in the forefront of our minds because this world belongs to our children and who are we to leave it in worse shape than when we got it from our parents? (Much love to non-parents as well. Women absolutely can decide whether to have a family or not. We support ALL women and their choices)

Using your creativity, we encourage all artists to either create a new piece for the cover page contest or submit an already created piece. Please be sure to include a 500 word (minimum) write up about the connection between your artwork and the theme. Stumped about writing? Just write about how your artwork encompasses the theme and the importance of art to discuss an issue or about the importance of the issue itself. Artists are encouraged to write in their native …

It's all about the little things!

As a mom and a photographer, I have a different perspective about what's photo worthy. I have friends who do the portrait sit at big chain stores (I try not to even support big chains) but I have to say ... I'm not that kind of mom who does "landmark dates or months" as a portrait shoot. I find some of those shoots to be so impersonal. To me, it's all about the little, special moments that are truly wonderful. I love the way my daughter wanders around our home, experiments with things around her and interacts so beautifully with the environment. These moments are what I believe are photo worthy! 

For example, the other day we received a Thanksgiving card from my mother (her grandmother & grandfather) and decided to photograph her with the card. She had a BLAST ... until she decided she was done with it and tossed it over her shoulder.

I love my little comedian.

Here's to all those wonderful, little, special moments that mean so much!

Yes, oh yes, it'…