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Kitten Foster Families Needed

During the kitties' check up at the Humane Society shelter in Fort Pierce, I learned there are a few other kitty families in need of foster homes. Fostering is pretty simple because the shelter provides a litter box, food and litter for you. They also supply any medicines needed. You simply need to provide a loving home and keep an eye on them.

I saw two different families of kittens. One set of kittens has a surrogate mom who is nursing them and caring for them (such a fabulous thing to have a mom fill in for their mom who is ... well, I don't know where she is). The other set is a duo of kittens, one of whom had part of their leg amputated. This set is still very young and the mom seems pretty chill.

Interested? Contact the Saint Lucie County Humane Shelter or visit their location on Savannah Road in Fort Pierce (off of Route 1). Phone number 772-461-0687

The pic below was taken of me with two of the kittens we are currently fostering. They are such little love bugs. They c…

Entire Ocean in a Drop

FURever homes needed.

I'm sitting at my computer listening to four kittens and their mom romp around next to me -- playing with a discarded box from Christmas, one of my daughter's toys and jumping around on each other. They are having a blast!

It's these little dudes and mom who need a furever home in a few weeks. First things first though, they are still too young and before anyone can get adopted, they have to get "fixed" first. There are enough animals in need of homes that it's important to keep them from repopulating.

All of the babies are girls and are still without names. We keep trying to think of names but none sound appealing enough. I want them to have a name that is so perfect and adorable that someone says, "Oh her name is ________? Awww it's perfect." LOL  I'm hopeful we'll think of something OR feel free to suggest names.

I also realized that the name we picked for the mother - Isis: (Greek form of Egyptian) which possibly means "the thr…

Cider Glazed Grass-Fed Shortribs & Walnut Torte

Recipes by Christina Tarr that you simply cannot pass up.  The first is Cider Glazed Grass-Fed Shortribs followed by a cake that is to die for, Walnut Torte. Christina is one of those unique ladies who knows her way around a kitchen and a farm. She's been to culinary school but she has an understanding of natural goodness that makes her super trustwothy in my book. Plus, she has pigs, chickens, dogs and cats and was fostering a bunny ... has a dope little son who isn't much older than my little bambina ... Gotta love how La Leche League connects mommas.  
Enjoy the food!! Bon Appétit!! ** Click the image to view the largest size and read the full recipe. 
Cuisine photography by Liesl Marelli

If you have a recipe you'd like to share and live in the Treasure Coast or South Florida, let me know. 

Modeling Tips & Suggestions

I recently put out a call for models -- aspiring models, "regular" fabulous people ... and got a handful of great responses and a few seriously odd responses.

Photographers, myself included, often work with models (professional/amateur) as a two-way benefit. For starters, photographers can build their portfolio, they can sell and market images and models get to walk away with professional photos (sometimes for free). It's a win-win.

I work with a variety of women and men (children on occasion) but what really surprises me are the responses I get when people show interest. I ask for a current image because body type, age, lifestyle and such play a role in the type of photo shoot we can accomplish. What I don't need are terrible selfies of scantily clad women showing their goodies. Do not send these photos to strangers. I am a stranger because you don't know me ... yet. You don't want these photos getting into the wrong hands and, although I have good intent wh…

I think, feel, love - therefore, I am.

Inspired by Renè Descartes: I think, therefore I am.

I think, therefore I am.
I feel, therefore I am.
I love, therefore I am.

Thus, I think I feel love, therefore I am.

Available as a collection or individually.

To view print and merchandise options click any of the images below.

Best Pumpkin Seed Recipe: Delish & Easy

We carved pumpkins for Halloween and had lots of pumpkin seeds left over. I eat a primarily vegetarian diet so how could I pass up some extra nutrients? I couldn't!! I must admit that when my family baked the seeds when I was younger, I thought they were gross. But this year I was determined to like them.

Need some incentive to clean and eat pumpkin seeds? Check out these amazing health benefits:

----[Magnesium] One-quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contains nearly half of the recommended daily amount of magnesium, which participates in a wide range of vitally important physiological functions, including the creation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the energy molecules of your body), the synthesis of RNA and DNA, the pumping of your heart, proper bone and tooth formation, relaxation of your blood vessels, and proper bowel function.----[Zinc]  Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc (one ounce contains more than 2 mg of this beneficial mineral), which is important for immunity, cell gro…

Water Lilies - inspiring art for centuries

Water Lilies have inspired artists for centuries. Perhaps the most notable is French impressionist artist Claude Monet's whose oil on canvas paintings who still has a growing audience admiring his works.

In Florida, we may not have snow-covered terrain but one thing that's beautiful is our blossomed water lilies. I made a collection of water lily photographs recently that are now available as prints and canvases.

I find that the water lily photographs are very peaceful, tranquil, meditative, relaxing ... all things that are associated with a good state of mind (and heart). There is an abundance of art people display that evoke strong emotions but the one I aimed for was similar to that of Monet's ... good feelings and a treat for the eyes and mind.

View Prints here.   View home decor & accessories here.  Email for large prints & custom sizes.

View more from the Water Lily Collection here or contact directly for custom sizes and prices. 

Models Wanted.

I am looking for models. Now, the word "model" may conjure up an image of Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen or Tyson Beckford; however, this modeling call is a bit different. I'm looking for everyday people - all body types, all lifestyles, all ages. No experience necessary.

I provide photography to stock agencies and companies that will use the photos for ... websites, newsletters, email campaigns, print campaigns, etc. Your face may just appear on a billboard in another country. The possibilities are endless.

Compensation is offered IF the client selects your image but that may take weeks. And, compensation can easily range from $25 - $3,000+ depending on the assignment. That means, this is not cash-on-hand when you show up for the shoot. It may take a few weeks to get confirmation your photo will be used but once it's confirmed, we'll send a check out to you or you can pick up cash. (we don't put cash in the mail)

Whether your photo is selected by a client or no…

Children's Holiday Portraits

It's already a week into October. It's that time of year to schedule holiday portraits! Things to keep in mind when thinking about your family's or children's holiday portraits are primarily wardrobe based. Consistent colors are key. You'll notice this family is dressed in a beautiful pastel color palette - soft corals, blues, pinks and all with blue jeans. Shoes? Barefoot, of course.  =) 
When it comes to picking out attire - you can go matchy-matchy or just keep the color palette in the same family or have them wear similar styles (i.e. everyone in jeans). You can also consider having everyone with similar accessories. For example, sisters could wear the same style bows in their hair. Any variation that shows the connection in attire helps unify the look.
Of course, another alternative is to bring some accessories or a change of clothes to the shoot. As a photographer, I often help clients pick out the style that will show best in images. (This service is during…

Halloween Costume Portraits

Schedule your children's Halloween Costume photo shoot with Girona Consulting. We can do the photo shoot in a nearby park, on the beach, in your home or wherever works best for you. This offer is for Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie and Vero Beach. Travel is available to surrounding areas for an additional fee. Up to 2 people are included in the shoot. Additional people (and/or pets) are an additional charge. Please select any additional people at while checking out.

-----» 40 minute photo shoot
-----» customized Halloween banner for Facebook
 -----» 5 digital photos with full print release
-----» 2 8x10 prints
-----» 4 5x7 prints
-----» an option to purchase canvases or prints from the collection

 Price $140

 ✆ 561.459.5454

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot from Girona Consulting: Photography & Design on Square Market

Weight issues? Laugh it off.

Weight issues are a pretty heavy burden to carry (pun intended!) so why not laugh about it? I saw a quote on Facebook the other day and it cracked me up, "The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body couldn't store all of this personality." I used the quote and created a happy and bright design for it - a little blue chick on a vibrant yellow background.

As with most items, this design is available as a print, as a wrapped canvas, coffee mug, cell phone case, wall clock, throw pillow and more. Custom requests are available as well. Just let me know!

The Only Reason I'm Fat from Girona Consulting: Photography & Design on Square Market

Office Humor.

There is a never-ending slew of movies, comics and shows about office life. Crazy bosses, crazy co-workers, crazy customers ... keeps everyone on their toes, right? Well, as a tribute to the interesting world of office life, I created a design that is a perfect gift (perhaps more true than funny for some!).

Quote: Don't underestimate me. That's my boss's job.

Available as a coffee mug, tote bag, pillow, print, phone case, iPad case cover and laptop cover. Check it out.

Don't Under Estimate Me from Girona Consulting: Photography & Design on Square Market

Win a Mom & Baby Photo Shoot

Would you like to win a free Mommy & Me beach photo shoot? We are asking the question "How have you changed since becoming a mom?" Simply answer the question about you have changed and share with us your son or daughter's name who will be in the shoot with you (or your expected due date).

Submissions for this contest are open from August 20 - September 30, 2014
The winner will be announced October 1, 2014
Photo shoot locations will be along the beach in Fort Pierce, Florida. Click to view location options.

Contest details found here.

Questions? Visit here for more or to contact us.

Contest hosted by Girona Consulting, Inc.

Economic Development in Fort Pierce

We moved to the Treasure Coast earlier this year. We love it -- the beaches, the community feel, the congestion-free roads ... but, in Fort Pierce there seems to be some trouble with economic development. The city has a pretty amazing history that we learned when we visited the Fort Pierce Navy Seal museum. (Check it out when you are in the area!)

Anyway, the other week, we were walking into a downtown cafe and noticed the store next door was sweeping up shattered glass. Nutrition World and the adjacent Florist shop were both burglarized. WTF?! Their cash register was broken into (or taken? can't remember which) and they also had a laptop swiped from their property. I think the same was true for the florist.

My problem with this is that the downtown area has such potential but there are so many vacancies. This should be considered prime real estate ... but with crimes like this and locals not supporting local business, it's understandable why more stores aren't opening up…