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My Deepest Gratitude

As many of you know, my wonderful cat passed away the other week. Losing a pet is tough on the heart - these little furry creatures in our lives hold such a big piece of our heart. They keep us company, they entertain us, they keep us active and happy, they comfort us when we are sad, they don't judge (that's a plus compared to our human counterparts!) and they give us way too many things to take photos of and losing them is tough!

The journey through my cat's illness was not easy or cheap. We went to the kitty hospital (two days overnight stay), a cardiologist and two vets. The second to last vet was based on a recommendation. We drove up to Vero Beach for the recommended vet but I wasn't impressed. I didn't like the way he talked about my cat dying in front of me (and my cat). I don't know ... it just didn't sit well with me. I had tears in my eyes so you figured he could have been a bit more gentle with his words because it was evident this was tough for…

Portrait Photography on the Treasure Coast

I've had quite a few inquiries lately for portraits so I'm including (in this post) an updated price list. You'll notice that each package offers a different variety of prints -- some are metallic prints (that you will frame yourself) and others are for gallery-wrapped canvases (which come ready to hang). Galleries can be offered in color and a black and white option as well (no additional charge). I like giving clients the option to pick and choose styles they like best.

Gift cards are available so you can purchase a package for a friend or loved one as a gift.

As always, photos from the collection are edited with strict attention to detail -- enhancing beauty (whiten the eyes and teeth, soften skin) but plastic surgery ("Can you cut out my waist to make it smaller?") isn't something we do. Plus, there are tons of ways to enhance natural beauty with positions and camera angles. Not to worry!

If you have any questions, please message on Facebook at www.faceb…

Giving Miracles For All

This afternoon I photographed a wonderful local event that helps local families in need -- not want, but need. As a mom, I'm all about the "it takes a village" concept and know that money is tough to come by, especially in this economy (hitting single parents in particular). So, why not help out a good cause?!

According to the Giving Miracles For All Facebook page, "We are hosting an event Sunday May 25th from 1-5 at the Jessica Clinton Preserve Park.  We help babies, kids, teens, adults and animals. From everything from food, clothing and beyond. Everything in our group is 100% free. Our group is based on donations from our communities coming together. Your donation helps us buy things that our group doesn't normally get or get enough of such as bottles, pacifiers, car seats (which we buy from the fire station for a $20 donation) cribs, blankets, animal food, etc. Your donation is for our charity and would be used for a great cause. Proceeds are to help our gr…

March Against Monsanto in Melbourne #mam

Yesterday my family attended March Against Monsanto in Melbourne because we believe it is our right to have GMOs labeled and to stop corrupting politics and access to healthy food contaminated by Monsanto's corrosive reach. Additionally, as Veterans (my honey & me both) marched on behalf of Vietnam Veterans who were poisoned by Agent Orange (a Monsanto creation).

We arrived late for the protest (traffic on the highway) and didn't see anyone marching.
"Oh my God, we missed it?" we thought. I can't believe we just drove an hour and a half to an empty city hall.
We started walking around the downtown and came upon some protesters who were now on foot protesting.
"Yay! We didn't miss it after all!"
(Sigh of relief!)

The turnout was much smaller than I anticipated but ANY turnout is better than no turnout. Personally, I wonder why this issue isn't more important to more people. From what I understand, GMOs are in more than 80% of processed foods…

Happy Baby Photography Project: Vazquez Family

A teaser from yesterday's Happy Baby Photography Project with the Vazquez family, who told me they have never had a professional family portrait before. Happy to have changed that!! Idalynn (in the white shirt), age 11, has Cerebral Palsy and deals with many other ongoing challenges. Idalynn is non-verbal but it's truly beautiful the way her awesome sisters and parents communicate with her and she with them. Expressions of love are beautiful ... even when it's simply non-verbal. More photos to follow in a few days.

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A Family Photo Shoot

This beautiful mother recently celebrated her first Mother's Day. She and her husband had tried for 10 years to conceive and had been given a less than 1% chance and yet they did anyway! Such a beautiful family who never gave up hope.

This photo shoot took place on the beach in Fort Pierce - in Florida's Treasure Coast. I love that the beaches here have beautiful entrances that truly welcome you onto the beach! Plus, the beaches are rarely crowded so it feels like your own private retreat! 
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My Little Lynx

My wonderful cat's health has been declining since October 2013. I noticed his breathing was a bit raspy, his heart sounded inconsistent (I know now it was arrhythmia) and so we brought him to the animal hospital where we found out some pretty awful news. He had so much displaced water surrounding his heart and lungs that his x-rays could barely show his lungs and heart. What you could see was an enlarged heart that was tilted (I learned this is possible) and was not in good condition. After a hefty bill, we then took him to the cardiologist. I admit I was conflicted about this. How much do you spend on pets when you have a child, household bills, etc? We decided to get him checked out by the cardiologist so we better understood his condition. Basically, we found out that his heart condition was terminal - we could medicate to treat it as best as we could but it would ultimately be fatal.

Watching his health decline over the last few months has been heartbreaking. He lost weight,…