March Against Monsanto in Melbourne #mam

Yesterday my family attended March Against Monsanto in Melbourne because we believe it is our right to have GMOs labeled and to stop corrupting politics and access to healthy food contaminated by Monsanto's corrosive reach. Additionally, as Veterans (my honey & me both) marched on behalf of Vietnam Veterans who were poisoned by Agent Orange (a Monsanto creation).

We arrived late for the protest (traffic on the highway) and didn't see anyone marching.
"Oh my God, we missed it?" we thought. I can't believe we just drove an hour and a half to an empty city hall.
We started walking around the downtown and came upon some protesters who were now on foot protesting.
"Yay! We didn't miss it after all!"
(Sigh of relief!)

The turnout was much smaller than I anticipated but ANY turnout is better than no turnout. Personally, I wonder why this issue isn't more important to more people. From what I understand, GMOs are in more than 80% of processed foods sold in our grocery stores -- to include infant formula. If Monsanto is so proud of their GMO seeds then why not label it? All foods should clearly state "GMO" if there are any GMO products so we can decide if we want to buy it. Deceptive marketing needs to end.

In fact, the argument that labeling products with "GMO" ingredients will not cost more. The companies already label them in other countries -- just google GMO labeling and Europe.

Buying organic is expensive but it's healthy and you know what you are eating. Plus, suffering from diseases due to malnutrition is pretty damn expensive, too. I'd rather invest in organic and my health.  Organic crops aren't doused in harmful pesticides (sprayed by workers in full bio-hazard suits). Would you knowingly eat foods farmed by people who HAVE to wear bio-hazard suits? Probably not.

I hope that during my lifetime GMOs are exposed and accepted by Americans as what they truly are -- poison for our bodies and our environment. I hope to see a resurgence of small, organic farmers and that more people grow their own foods.

Below are photos from the protest in Melbourne, Florida. #MAM

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014 

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

March Against Monsanto © Girona Consulting, 2014

Here's a video from the protest we attended yesterday from FLORIDATODAY

Monsanto "owns" these appointed officials. 

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a former Monsanto Lawyer.
He has voted in favor of Monsanto with every opportunity. 
bio hazard suits from farmers

click to read the full infographic

companies to avoid. unhealthy choices & against GMO labeling

News Articles 

Monsanto’s Roundup Linked To Cancer of the Lymph Tissue In New Study: A new review on the relationship between pesticide exposure and the risk of blood cancers in the lymph glands (lymphomas) has confirmed the existence of a link with the world’s most popular herbicide glyphosate (aka Roundup).

Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health and titled, “Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Occupational Exposure to Agricultural Pesticide Chemical Groups and Active Ingredients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” the paper focused on systematic reviews and a series of meta-analysis of almost 30 years worth of epidemiological research on the relationship between non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and occupational exposure to 80 agricultural pesticide active ingredients and 21 chemical groups.  The review focused on 44 papers, all of which reported results from studies performed in high-income countries.  Read full article here:


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