Succulents + Repurposing = Beauty!

Yesterday at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce, I saw a woman setting up shop to sell beautiful plants. It was like a Pinterest Board come to life! I do not have a green thumb (yet) but love the colors, textures, shapes and hues of flowers and plants. In fact, I'm the kind of woman who doesn't even like getting a bouquet of flowers. Why kill such beauty to last just a few days? I'd rather get a plant that lasts and lasts ... offering beauty, fragrance, color ... you know?

So, back to the plant stand ...

This woman sells gorgeous flowers and plants. But, what I love most is that she has vertical "wall art" creations -- growing succulents in a re-purposed picture frame. Awesome idea!! It's eco-friendly art at its finest!

How wonderful! Succulents for your wall! 

Such eco-friendly art! So beautiful! 

By the way, do you find yourself looking at amazing posts on Pinterest?! I fell in love with Pinterest during my restless nights while pregnant. My Pinterest addiction continues because I can quietly look at inspirational art, ideas and creations while breastfeeding my daughter. My DIY boards are filling up so fast -- same with my food & holiday ideas! LOL 

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