Share more, Waste Less

'CAN'structed sculptures shed light on hunger. Seven giant sculptures on
display at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, are shining light
on hunger concerns for families this summer.

In the United States, 31 percent - or 133 billion pounds - of the 430 billion pounds of the available food supply at the retail and consumer levels in 2010 went uneaten, according to a study by the USDA. That's an astounding amount of waste when you consider that 14 percent of U.S. households struggle to put enough food on the table -- and that includes 16.2 million children. (Source: USDA)

I think the sculptures on display at the Palm Beach Gardens mall is great because it reminds people that hunger isn't something that happens in other countries -- it happens in our own communities. I just wish that food sources for hungry were healthier because the poor and hungry deserve healthy food and not just canned goods with minimal nutrients. What's up with the bottled water though? There is nothing wrong with tap water. Bottling water is incredibly wasteful ... but that's a different topic, I suppose. On a positive note, at least it's not juice (which is primarily sugar) and soda (which is just 100% unhealthy).

In 2012, the U.S. spent $37,680,000,000 on foreign aid. How do you feel about shipping those dollars overseas to countries that do an even worse job at caring for its citizens?

Before you throw away your unused food, consider donating it to a local food bank. Check out the links below to find a donation center/food bank that can put your food to good use.

Share more, waste less. 

Are you in need of food or want to donate? 

Feeding America Food Bank Locator: Click here
FIND Food Bank Locator: Click here
Food Pantries Locator: Click here
HDS Helping the Needy: Click here

In addition to donating food, you can also donate time to prepare food, serve food or help clean up. This might be a great family activity or make it a couples thing. It may strengthen your bond by working together for a cause greater than yourselves. Sure, it's not the "sexiest" date night idea but it sure is a rewarding idea that you can turn into a date night tradition.

Infographics about Food Waste & Foreign Aid

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