Social Media Portrait Photography

It's important to have a great photo on your social media accounts, particularly on any account you will use to network and/or find a new job.

Here are a few tips about having a great photo

⇢⇢ Vacation time is over. Don't use a photo of you lounging on a beach, wearing scantily clad attire (unless it reflects your profession). You don't want to appear as a slacker to a company that is looking for a go-getter.
⇢⇢ Use a recent photo. You may have enjoyed living in a certain decade but that doesn't mean your profile photo should reflect an old album. This isn't the time for #ThrowBackThursday photos.
⇢⇢No Selfies. Okay, we all have selfies but that doesn't mean you should use a selfie of you making a duck face. Selfies are great when you are hanging out with friends but leave those photos for your private facebook albums and not on your professional accounts.
⇢⇢ Don't drink and pic. Don't have a beverage in your hand - particularly an alcoholic one.
⇢⇢ Smile like you mean it. A genuine expression will transcend your image and connect with others. The goal is to appearlikable, friendly, conversational, etc.
⇢⇢ Have some environmental portraits. You don't need to always have a plain backdrop for a professional photo. As an example, if you are an artist, get photographs of you at work. Environmental portraits are awesome because they show you at work and it draws attention to your profile.
⇢⇢ Hire a professional. All you need are a few great shots to choose from that you can use to refresh your image every few months. If you get a photo shoot with 3 digital images, you can swap out the photo (and still have it look fresh & beautiful) to bring attention to your profile.

Hiring a professional photographer doesn't need to break the bank. Shop around, check portfolios and find out what the going rate for this kind of shoot is in your area. What photographers charge in New York isn't the same rate as Arkansas -- so this is why shopping around matters.

When I take portraits, I tell clients that I enhance their beauty but don't do plastic surgery. I whiten the eyes a bit, brighten smiles (teeth, not lips) and soften their skin. I don't change hair styles, body size, etc. You'd like the photo to reflect the best version of you ... but not change who you are.

I have a social media special for people in Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie and Vero Beach area. To request a photo shoot and inquire about our current rate, visit

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