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Water Lilies - inspiring art for centuries

Water Lilies have inspired artists for centuries. Perhaps the most notable is French impressionist artist Claude Monet's whose oil on canvas paintings who still has a growing audience admiring his works.

In Florida, we may not have snow-covered terrain but one thing that's beautiful is our blossomed water lilies. I made a collection of water lily photographs recently that are now available as prints and canvases.

I find that the water lily photographs are very peaceful, tranquil, meditative, relaxing ... all things that are associated with a good state of mind (and heart). There is an abundance of art people display that evoke strong emotions but the one I aimed for was similar to that of Monet's ... good feelings and a treat for the eyes and mind.

View Prints here.   View home decor & accessories here.  Email for large prints & custom sizes.

View more from the Water Lily Collection here or contact directly for custom sizes and prices. 

Models Wanted.

I am looking for models. Now, the word "model" may conjure up an image of Kate Moss, Gisele B√ľndchen or Tyson Beckford; however, this modeling call is a bit different. I'm looking for everyday people - all body types, all lifestyles, all ages. No experience necessary.

I provide photography to stock agencies and companies that will use the photos for ... websites, newsletters, email campaigns, print campaigns, etc. Your face may just appear on a billboard in another country. The possibilities are endless.

Compensation is offered IF the client selects your image but that may take weeks. And, compensation can easily range from $25 - $3,000+ depending on the assignment. That means, this is not cash-on-hand when you show up for the shoot. It may take a few weeks to get confirmation your photo will be used but once it's confirmed, we'll send a check out to you or you can pick up cash. (we don't put cash in the mail)

Whether your photo is selected by a client or no…

Children's Holiday Portraits

It's already a week into October. It's that time of year to schedule holiday portraits! Things to keep in mind when thinking about your family's or children's holiday portraits are primarily wardrobe based. Consistent colors are key. You'll notice this family is dressed in a beautiful pastel color palette - soft corals, blues, pinks and all with blue jeans. Shoes? Barefoot, of course.  =) 
When it comes to picking out attire - you can go matchy-matchy or just keep the color palette in the same family or have them wear similar styles (i.e. everyone in jeans). You can also consider having everyone with similar accessories. For example, sisters could wear the same style bows in their hair. Any variation that shows the connection in attire helps unify the look.
Of course, another alternative is to bring some accessories or a change of clothes to the shoot. As a photographer, I often help clients pick out the style that will show best in images. (This service is during…