Children's Holiday Portraits

It's already a week into October. It's that time of year to schedule holiday portraits! Things to keep in mind when thinking about your family's or children's holiday portraits are primarily wardrobe based. Consistent colors are key. You'll notice this family is dressed in a beautiful pastel color palette - soft corals, blues, pinks and all with blue jeans. Shoes? Barefoot, of course.  =) 

When it comes to picking out attire - you can go matchy-matchy or just keep the color palette in the same family or have them wear similar styles (i.e. everyone in jeans). You can also consider having everyone with similar accessories. For example, sisters could wear the same style bows in their hair. Any variation that shows the connection in attire helps unify the look.

Of course, another alternative is to bring some accessories or a change of clothes to the shoot. As a photographer, I often help clients pick out the style that will show best in images. (This service is during the consultation before the shoot). 

There are so many beautiful locations to do photo shoots in the Treasure Coast but we do travel far beyond this immediate area. Contact us for a consultation or to set up a photo shoot. You can find our information on our website at

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