Cider Glazed Grass-Fed Shortribs & Walnut Torte

Recipes by Christina Tarr that you simply cannot pass up. 
The first is Cider Glazed Grass-Fed Shortribs followed by a cake that is to die for, Walnut Torte.
Christina is one of those unique ladies who knows her way around a kitchen and a farm. She's been to culinary school but she has an understanding of natural goodness that makes her super trustwothy in my book. Plus, she has pigs, chickens, dogs and cats and was fostering a bunny ... has a dope little son who isn't much older than my little bambina ... Gotta love how La Leche League connects mommas.  

Enjoy the food!! Bon App├ętit!!
** Click the image to view the largest size and read the full recipe. 

Cuisine photography by Liesl Marelli

If you have a recipe you'd like to share and live in the Treasure Coast or South Florida, let me know. 

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