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Kitten Foster Families Needed

During the kitties' check up at the Humane Society shelter in Fort Pierce, I learned there are a few other kitty families in need of foster homes. Fostering is pretty simple because the shelter provides a litter box, food and litter for you. They also supply any medicines needed. You simply need to provide a loving home and keep an eye on them.

I saw two different families of kittens. One set of kittens has a surrogate mom who is nursing them and caring for them (such a fabulous thing to have a mom fill in for their mom who is ... well, I don't know where she is). The other set is a duo of kittens, one of whom had part of their leg amputated. This set is still very young and the mom seems pretty chill.

Interested? Contact the Saint Lucie County Humane Shelter or visit their location on Savannah Road in Fort Pierce (off of Route 1). Phone number 772-461-0687

The pic below was taken of me with two of the kittens we are currently fostering. They are such little love bugs. They c…

Entire Ocean in a Drop

FURever homes needed.

I'm sitting at my computer listening to four kittens and their mom romp around next to me -- playing with a discarded box from Christmas, one of my daughter's toys and jumping around on each other. They are having a blast!

It's these little dudes and mom who need a furever home in a few weeks. First things first though, they are still too young and before anyone can get adopted, they have to get "fixed" first. There are enough animals in need of homes that it's important to keep them from repopulating.

All of the babies are girls and are still without names. We keep trying to think of names but none sound appealing enough. I want them to have a name that is so perfect and adorable that someone says, "Oh her name is ________? Awww it's perfect." LOL  I'm hopeful we'll think of something OR feel free to suggest names.

I also realized that the name we picked for the mother - Isis: (Greek form of Egyptian) which possibly means "the thr…