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Win a custom Birth Print!

Win a custom birth print - perfect for a little boy's or a little girl's room. Two color designs are being offered -- one in a blue color palette and one in a purple / pink palette.

Three lucky people will win this prize!! So, win for yourself or win for friend.

The winners will be contacted privately so they can share the details of the little one they are celebrating. The artwork will be provided digitally so they may use it to print it as a canvas on the wall, frame it, print it on customized notecards, etc.  The two designs are shown below in two different display options. You can see that adding thick white matte changes the look completely but, with a digital print, the printing is entirely up to you. The possibilities are endless.

Good luck!!

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Florida's Real Estate Photography

I love HGTV. I love seeing what kind of potential a home has and how - even minor things - can completely transform a space. I feel the same way about real estate. When we were house hunting last year, I'd easily walk into a home and think, "If I did this and this and this, it would be great." But, what drove me nuts was when my realtor gave me listings without photos or with photos that were so bad, you'd think the owners were on drugs or drunk off of their asses when they took the pictures AND then decided, "Yeah, these'll work."

No. Don't post awful photos with your house. No matter if you are renting it, leasing it or selling it. Take great photos. It's one of those occasions that will completely transform the outcome. Great photos get people in the door. People in the door means someone will make an offer or submit an application to rent it faster. It's easy math.

So, why avoid hiring a professional? Some people express concerns about c…

Cuteness Overload Continues

Cuteness overload continues. It's been another week with the kitty fosters -- and still NO names. Why is naming them so tough for us? My favorite has become the gray kitty with the white beard -- although, ironically, I call her "gray beard." She doesn't respond probably because she knows the name is idiotic. LOL

The tortoise colored one (that's the hodgepodge of colors) I  lean toward naming Marble or some color of Granite because she reminds me of a few granite colors we had looked at a while back.

The black one has become the rising star of cuddles. Every time my daughter takes a nap, she joins her. She is such a little love bug. She'll also come and join us when we sit on the couch -- plop down next to us. Do we keep her warm? Does she just love the company? Who knows. She's happy though and I know will make a great pet for someone.

The other gray one is equally cute to her Gray Beard twin. She's a little bit more spunky than her gray sibling but …

Breastmilk - The Movie

Breastmilk - The Movie

I noticed a post from a local La Leche League Leader who mentioned this movie was on Netflix. I had never even heard of it before and knew that I had to watch it. I watched Ricki Lake's other two documentaries about Childbirth in The Business of Being Born and the sequel and really enjoyed them. I already knew I'd have a natural birth but I truly think these movies helped bring my hubby around to truly supporting my natural birth.

But, following the natural birth I planned and achieved, was a new challenge: breastfeeding. I went into this task like a good student. At about 5 months pregnant, I was already attending La Leche League meetings (free to attend and our local West Palm Beach group let my hubby attend too -- thank you, ladies!). I wanted to learn from other mothers about their successes and challenges with breastfeeding. I knew I'd do it but I wasn't sure how it all happens -- was it painful, how the hell do you get a good latch, what d…