Cuteness Overload Continues

Cuteness overload continues. It's been another week with the kitty fosters -- and still NO names. Why is naming them so tough for us? My favorite has become the gray kitty with the white beard -- although, ironically, I call her "gray beard." She doesn't respond probably because she knows the name is idiotic. LOL

The tortoise colored one (that's the hodgepodge of colors) I  lean toward naming Marble or some color of Granite because she reminds me of a few granite colors we had looked at a while back.

The black one has become the rising star of cuddles. Every time my daughter takes a nap, she joins her. She is such a little love bug. She'll also come and join us when we sit on the couch -- plop down next to us. Do we keep her warm? Does she just love the company? Who knows. She's happy though and I know will make a great pet for someone.

The other gray one is equally cute to her Gray Beard twin. She's a little bit more spunky than her gray sibling but is just so damn cute and friendly.

A few ladies have expressed interest in adopting them but nothing has been finalized yet. Starting by next week, I'd love to make arrangements for one-on-one meetings with potential adopters at the Humane Society (in Fort Pierce on Savannah Road -- just west of Route 1).

I do wonder about the mom. She is getting a bit more friendly -- very friendly when she wants food. But I know that adopting an adult is less likely to happen. She is a TALKER and would make great company for an older person, perhaps. In my opinion, she isn't the cuddle / lap cat that her kittens are but she talks and reminds you that you are never alone. She likes playing with toys that she can push around a room. She is very good at entertaining herself. Anyway, I do hope the mom gets a home. She needs one as well!

If you are interested in adopting one of these kittens, post a comment on this blog or write me via facebook at

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