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I love HGTV. I love seeing what kind of potential a home has and how - even minor things - can completely transform a space. I feel the same way about real estate. When we were house hunting last year, I'd easily walk into a home and think, "If I did this and this and this, it would be great." But, what drove me nuts was when my realtor gave me listings without photos or with photos that were so bad, you'd think the owners were on drugs or drunk off of their asses when they took the pictures AND then decided, "Yeah, these'll work."

No. Don't post awful photos with your house. No matter if you are renting it, leasing it or selling it. Take great photos. It's one of those occasions that will completely transform the outcome. Great photos get people in the door. People in the door means someone will make an offer or submit an application to rent it faster. It's easy math.

So, why avoid hiring a professional? Some people express concerns about cost. But, holding a house on the market without even nibbles from potential buyers (or renters) is far more costly. In the long run, it's worth every penny and then some to hire a photographer to get the job done once, get it done right and get a buyer or renter immediately.

I'm a local photographer and would love to help. For homeowners who are in a bind, I offer specials because I feel that everyone should have their homes photographed. No one should have to pass up photos because they don't think it's in their budget. In the same respect, there are often people selling million-dollar homes who also don't want to "lose" any investment from their sale and pass on photography. I hope you don't make that decision. Having your home photographed with the rising sun, afternoon sun and at dusk - particularly if you have nice light / landscaping - will be a great investment because it ultimately gives you a return for your investment (the work you did to your house or your decision to purchase it in the first place).

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