Dream - Love - Explore - Believe

I love groupings of art on walls - especially when it's subtle but beautiful. I created this collection with a baby's room in mind -- soft colors but enough contrast for shapes that it can give even the littlest of newborns something fun to look at from their crib. But, after I designed it, it occurred to me that many people could benefit from this kind of inspirational reminder -- Explore, Dream, Believe, Love.

We all could use this daily reminder so ... in addition to a nursery, I think this is great for anyone's bedroom, home, office or study. 

This design is available as a print (unframed) in numerous sizes and as gallery wrapped canvases as well. Sizing in print and canvas go up to 20" inches each and as small as 5."

Email to inquire about pricing or visit Girona Consulting on facebook.  

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