Kitties Adopted. Mom Cat Remains.

This is my last post about the kitties and mom cat. Emmy (mom cat) is the only girl left needing a home. She'll be out in Saint Lucie West this Saturday and Sunday -- at PETCO. She may no longer be a kitten but she deserves a home, too.

After getting to know her for a couple of months, I've determined her best home is a kid-free home with a person (or people) who loves company but doesn't necessarily love a lap cat. I think, in fact, her best companion will be a senior citizen who wants some company. Emmy lets you know when she wants food, she lets know know when she wants fresh water. So, she's pretty low maintenance and is vocal about what she needs. She is fun, playful and tells lots of stories (she may be part Siamese). She was once a street cat so she has excellent agility and hunting instincts -- and perhaps, that's why she is so self reliant. A great cat, indeed. heart emoticon

Please help find her a home. I know that shelters fill up and we won't foster her indefinitely but I'd hate for her to get put down instead of having a great life with a family.

Adoptions are through the Saint Lucie Humane Society in Fort Pierce, Florida, on Savannah Road. You can Private Message me directly for the adoption coordinator's number or you can see Emmy at Saint Lucie West's Petco this weekend.

If we were to keep one of the kittens who we have been fostering it would be "gray beard" -- the gray one with the white chin. She is so sweet and crazy amounts of awesomeness and chill. In the mornings she joins me at my computer desk to purr as I catch up on work. She is so much fun!!! Next Monday she goes home to her new family heart emoticon How exciting for her!!

Adopt me, please?

This little girl is also going to her new home on Monday. xoxo

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