July 2015: Women in Art 278 Magazine

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July is here and so is our latest magazine issue. This stunning collection of art includes 36 artists who will certainly captivate your senses. We feature artists who create with ceramics, custom jewelry, digital art, mixed media, photography, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolor painting, drawings and more. The inspiration varies from page to page as does the sentiments they offer. We hope you enjoy the collection.

We encourage our readers to share our free online edition via their networks and social media. And, of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't boast about the printed edition which is nothing short of a work of art itself. A perfect addition to a coffee table, waiting room or a night stand so you can fall asleep with your neurons firing off creativity. 

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Congratulations to cover page artist Carla Sá Fernandes of Portugal. 

Interior Page Sample

Interior Page Sample

Featured this issue are the following artists:

Anastasia Lovisetto 
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Blanca  LaCortiglia 
Acrylic Paintings
South Carolina, USA

Brandy Woods
Illustration & Fine Art
Quebec, Canada

Carla Sá Fernandes
Oil / Acrylic on Canvas
Minho, Portugal 

Deb Putnam 
Oil Painting
Massachusetts, USA

Deborha Kerr
British Columbia, Canada

Diane Hoeptner
Ohio, USA

Donna Tuten
Oil Painting
Virginia, USA

Elena Kolotusha
Victoria, Australia

Elena Nosyreva
Mixed Media Collage
Texas, USA

Elizabeth Williams
Oil Painting
Dorset, United Kingdom

Evie Zimmer
Abstract Oil Painting
Ohio, USA

Frances McMahon
Canberra, Australia

Georgianne Giese
Digital Art
Arizona, USA

Hailey Herrera
Texas, USA

Hollis Fortune
Massachusetts, USA

Jean Ann Bolliger
Ohio, USA

Kristina Vardazaryan 
Digital Art
California, USA

Liesl Marelli 
Florida, USA

Lynda H. Payton
Trans Photo Digital Art
Maryland, USA

Mandy Budan
Ontario, Canada

Martina Zalig 
Geometric Ceramic Jewelry 
Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

Mary Pixi Cahalan Lee
Acrylic Contemporary
Galway, Ireland

Midori Chan
Tokyo, Japan

Mindy Sommers
Digital Painting and Pastiche
Vermont, USA

Natali Shvets
Vinnitskaya obl, Ukraine

Nikki Frazier
Mixed Media
Texas, USA

Sheila Thomas
Virginia, USA

Teresa Young
Nova Scotia, Canada

Therese Misner
Oregon, USA

Tracy Lin
Guangdong, People’s Republic of China

Tricia Butski
New York, USA

Valentina Miletic
Acrylic on Canvas
Ontario, Canada

Vesna Delevska
Montana, USA

Wendy Hawkins
Arizona, USA

Yana Dvoretska
Fashion Design
Sofia, Bulgaria

Women in Art 278 Magazine (July 2015)
48 pages, published 7/1/2015
Issue IV, Volume II. Women in Art 278 Magazine showcases women in the arts from across the globe. Art genres include ceramics, oil painting, photography, acrylic painting, adornments, fine art and more. For more information visit www.ART278.org. We welcome new artists.
Order a printed edition through MagCloud or purchase a digital download. 

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