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On The Way To School: Things we take for granted

Some documentaries are for fun and others are both education and offer a serious reality check. "On The Way To School" by Pascal Plisson is a remarkable movie that features children in four different areas of the globe: Kenya, Patagonia (Argentina), Morocco and India. What it takes for these children to simply arrive to school is astounding. I cannot help but think of all of the "free range parents" who had their children taken from them by Child Protective Services because their kids went to the park or played (unsupervised) in their neighborhood. It's mind boggling to think of the many ways parenting and a child's freedom varies around the world.

These children travel upwards of 4 hours to school - alone. Sure, they may have the companionship of a sibling or fellow classmate but it's certainly not travel under the supervision of an adult. It's rather remarkable the survival skills each of these children possess in order to simply work towards an …