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Notice: Intolerance will not be tolerated

I find it hard to believe how popular bigotry is in 2015. The clerk in Kentucky along with a few others around the States have refused to issue marriage licenses because complying with the law is somehow ... impossible because of their religious beliefs even though they work for the government and not church.
Kim Davis perfectly exemplifies the hypocrisy of Christian right-to-marriage. No one would care about her background if she wasn't creating such a fuss but after some digging about this stellar Christian, it was discovered she has been married 4 times and had children with a man (not her husband) while married. So, we have multiple marriages (and divorces) and children from adultery. Shouldn't this die-hard religious chick never have been married? Been excommunicated from the church for her immoral sins? Never been "approved" to marry again after divorcing? Ohhhh the bullshit.

Would I care about that shit typically? Not at all. Thank god, I'm agnostic. But,…