Notice: Intolerance will not be tolerated

I find it hard to believe how popular bigotry is in 2015. The clerk in Kentucky along with a few others around the States have refused to issue marriage licenses because complying with the law is somehow ... impossible because of their religious beliefs even though they work for the government and not church.
Kim Davis perfectly exemplifies the hypocrisy of Christian right-to-marriage. No one would care about her background if she wasn't creating such a fuss but after some digging about this stellar Christian, it was discovered she has been married 4 times and had children with a man (not her husband) while married. So, we have multiple marriages (and divorces) and children from adultery. Shouldn't this die-hard religious chick never have been married? Been excommunicated from the church for her immoral sins? Never been "approved" to marry again after divorcing? Ohhhh the bullshit.

Would I care about that shit typically? Not at all. Thank god, I'm agnostic. But, when she spouts "God's Law" about marriage and the sin of gay marriage, I can't help but scoff at her bullshit logic.

Imagine if she was a brown Muslim refusing to issue marriage licenses based on religious belief. People would LITERALLY be up in arms. I'm guessing the same Christian zealots would literally strap themselves with weapons while protesting the Muslim refusing to issue licenses because, let's face it ... this white Christan gets support for her bigotry because she is a White American.

I can't help but think about how this parallels de-segregation and interracial marriage. Despite the laws, many towns, cities and states showed incredible resistance in complying ... with the LAW. The same thing is going on with this. At least if history teaches us anything it's that religious bigots like Kim Davis will fade into an embarrassing past and collectively, as a society who accepts gay marriage, we will move forward.

I hope the Kim Davis supporters get a rude awakening when another religious (or anti-religious person) tries affecting the public with their beliefs ... just because. Maybe a Muslim bakery owner will refuse to make a wedding cake for a White Christian marriage or an atheist will refuse to do something that Christians feel is "mandatory." Who knows. There are literally thousands of gods worshiped but it seems like Christians think only theirs is right.

Let's be clear: Christianity is not a right. And no one is making YOU marry a same sex person, okay? Why do you care if gays get married anyway? You don't have to live with them, get married to them, etc. Come on now ... this is just so absurd.

I'm so embarrassed of the white privilege in the USA. Only whites can carry guns openly, protest with violence and have it accepted (visit any protest involving whites in history - many protests were incredibly violent) and the media portrays whites and "all others" so differently. Being black and brown in America is treated SO differently and it's frustrating to see such open racism, bigotry, sexism, etc.

Kim Davis isn't a hero. She's just a criminal who is stealing tax payers money while refusing to do the job she was put there to do. Some people will treat her like a martyred saint when she has fines or jail time for her bullshit but I hope that history reveals who she is ... a complete embarrassment to America, to white America and to all religious faiths in America.

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