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Candy-less Halloween

Here's a sign you can post on your door if you aren't passing out candy on Halloween. To me, it was obvious that if your porch light / front door light isn't on then Trick-or-Treaters should know to skip the house. I'm still surprised this isn't common sense. Why walk up to a dark house expecting (or even wanting) someone to answer the door? As a parent, I wouldn't walk up to a dark house with my kid ... nor would I want them to do it on their own. Anyway, I suppose that common sense knowledge I assumed isn't truly common sense for everyone.

* Okay, I was curious to see if this common sense about a dark front door was just me ... it's not. On all the "Halloween Etiquette" websites I found, they all say the same thing about a dark front door. So it isn't just me!!! Okay, that's a relief.

Nonetheless, if you have a constantly ringing doorbell from Trick-or Treaters, you can feel free to post this sign.  =)  Fear the demon, not the exple…

Donating Hair for Cancer Patients

My hair is getting long, heavy and annoying. It's time to get rid of the length and weight. Men may like long hair but it's because they have no idea the annoyance that goes along with it. If they had to lug around a head full of hair (yes, thick hair that's long is HEAVY) and have to do it, wash it, try it, etc., I'm guessing they'd still stick with short hair.

I've decided that I'll cut off the 8 inches required to donate to Beautiful Lengths (Pantene) to go toward wigs for cancer patients. I thought that Locks of Love was the way to go but learned that the organization has a pretty dark history. Everyone now recommends Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. So, that's where my hair is going.

I'm going to wait a few more weeks to add a little bit more length. After all, I'm pregnant so my hair is in that super-awesome-pregnancy phase where it's silky smooth and insanely healthy (more so than usual).

I also learned that some salons cut your hair…

This is What a Veteran Looks Like

Every Veterans Day it occurs to me that I have zero items in my wardrobe that reflect anything military, former military, Veteran status, etc. I am not your average gun-toting, American-flag wearing former US Army Soldier. 

So this year I've decided to do something a little different. I designed a t-shirt for those of you who don't "look" like the stereotypical military personnel or Veterans. It's as if the general population forgets that Veterans come in all different shapes, colors and genders. 

This is what happens every year ... my hubbs and I enjoy a free meal at one of the many places offering free meals to Veterans and the waitress or waiter immediately thanks him for his service. Me? I just disappear into the background. I speak up or he will speak up and tell them I served too. And, they always say something like, "Oh!" and then follow it with something like, "Thanks for your service." But, after being dismissed based on my gender, my l…

Meet Marley The Cat

Everyone, please meet Marley. We started fostering him the other day and he's already become an awesome addition to our family. He is wearing a pink collar but is a boy ... it just happened to be the collar I had around my house and my daughter loves the sound of the bells on him (she keeps looking for Santa. So cute!).

Here's his back story ... he's about 4 years old and was an owner surrender. I was told the owner was in tears when turning in Marley. Sounds like his landlord was unwavering about a no-pet policy. Such a shame. But, what that means is that Marley comes from a house -- a loving house -- which is evident by his awesome disposition.

This cat is SOOOOOOO awesome. He lets my 2.5 year old hold his paw while sitting next to him (what cat typically lets you do that?). He is the kind of cat who greets you in the morning, follows you around the house, sits next to you wherever you go (or in front of the computer to make typing extra challenging). He sits like a litt…

Pregnancy Induced Brain Fog ... Brain Cloud

Why are there some women who love being pregnant? I am not one of them. I love the magic and wonder of creating life and becoming a mother but I wish pregnancy lasted about 1 week and I could give birth to a 10 month old instead of a newborn. Why? Because an interactive human is so much more fun than one who is still in the early developmental stages - sleeping, crying (because that's how they communicate), breastfeeding alllllllllllllllllllllllllll day and night, crying a little more, peeing, pooping, breastfeeding more, etc. It's quite a cycle.

So, why the complaints? I just made two huge forgetful-related mistakes recently and I'd like to chalk it up to this pregnant brain fog / cloud of mine.

Did you ever see the movie Joe Versus The Volcano? Not a classic Tom Hanks movie by any means but some scenes crack me up. In one scene (embedded in this post) he is diagnosed with a bogus claim of Brain Cloud. If only he was pregnant ... then it wouldn't have been bogus. hah…

Women in Art 278 Magazine / October Issue

Hello, October! Please enjoy our colorful and diverse October 2015 issue featuring 42 amazing artists ranging from pastels to pop art to mixed media and ceramics. We'd like to say an extra special congratulations to cover page artistJessilyn Park of Florida, USA.

With the free online edition, you'll be able to click the upper corner of each artist's page to view additional artwork on her website, facebook, instagram, etc. We encourage everyone to share the magazine with their network and continue supporting women in the arts.

In this entry (at the bottom below the list of artists' names found in this issue) you'll find the free online edition of the magazine that you can view from your computer, phone or tablet. As well, you'll find the link where you may purchase a copy of the magazine (we ship internationally) or buy a digital download.

Interior Page Samples from this issue

Artists featured in this issue are as follows: 
Alice Bach Hyde, P.S.A. Pastels Alabama, U…