Candy-less Halloween

Here's a sign you can post on your door if you aren't passing out candy on Halloween. To me, it was obvious that if your porch light / front door light isn't on then Trick-or-Treaters should know to skip the house. I'm still surprised this isn't common sense. Why walk up to a dark house expecting (or even wanting) someone to answer the door? As a parent, I wouldn't walk up to a dark house with my kid ... nor would I want them to do it on their own. Anyway, I suppose that common sense knowledge I assumed isn't truly common sense for everyone.

* Okay, I was curious to see if this common sense about a dark front door was just me ... it's not. On all the "Halloween Etiquette" websites I found, they all say the same thing about a dark front door. So it isn't just me!!! Okay, that's a relief.

Nonetheless, if you have a constantly ringing doorbell from Trick-or Treaters, you can feel free to post this sign.  =)  Fear the demon, not the expletive. haha

Click Image for full resolution to download. 

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