Meet Marley The Cat

Everyone, please meet Marley. We started fostering him the other day and he's already become an awesome addition to our family. He is wearing a pink collar but is a boy ... it just happened to be the collar I had around my house and my daughter loves the sound of the bells on him (she keeps looking for Santa. So cute!).

Here's his back story ... he's about 4 years old and was an owner surrender. I was told the owner was in tears when turning in Marley. Sounds like his landlord was unwavering about a no-pet policy. Such a shame. But, what that means is that Marley comes from a house -- a loving house -- which is evident by his awesome disposition.

This cat is SOOOOOOO awesome. He lets my 2.5 year old hold his paw while sitting next to him (what cat typically lets you do that?). He is the kind of cat who greets you in the morning, follows you around the house, sits next to you wherever you go (or in front of the computer to make typing extra challenging). He sits like a little angel on the screened in patio and watches the birds and squirrels. And, if you are going to lay down for a bit, you better believe he'll go right up to you and lay beside you. It's adorable.

If I wanted a long-term pet, this would be it. He's super awesome. But, I actually enjoy fostering pets and getting them out of shelters as they await their FURever homes. He's off to Petsmart in Port Saint Lucie (Tradition) today starting at 11am. If he gets adopted, I don't even get to see him again. I'll be bummed to not have him here anymore but I'll be super happy for him -- hence the point of fostering.  =)

Anyway, here's my plug about fostering with the Saint Lucie County Humane Society ... I've been a foster with them for about a year. The shelter provides litter, litterbox, litterbox scoop, food, medicine, etc. All I have to do is provide a loving home that helps them adjust to living with people so when they are ready for adoption, they will be completely ready to be a part of a new family.

Kittens are more challenging. They have to learn to use a litter box (yuck) but an adult cat who was owner surrender is such an easy cat to have! If you are able to foster, definitely consider it. It's incredibly rewarding. You get the addition of a little fur-friend and help keep them out of a cramped jail cell in the shelter -- keeping them out of a shelter does a few things

  1.  Keeps them social and happy. Cats can suffer from depression in shelters. Did you know that?  
  2.  Keeps them healthier. Of course shelters, no matter how clean, are an easy place for dogs and cats to pick up illnesses from one another 
  3.  Keeps space available in the shelters so less cats have to be euthanized (sp?) from overcrowding. 

Interesting in adopting from a shelter or fostering? 
Here's the info for the Fort Pierce Humane Society shelter ...

(tel) 772-461-0687
(address)  100 Savannah Road, Fort Pierce, FL 

If you are compelled to foster, feel free to mention my name (Liesl Marelli) to the foster coordinator. I'd love to help bring in more fosters for all of the animals in need. I do only foster cats and kittens but there are PLENTY of other animals who need foster care with the Humane Society. I think there are also rabbits, dogs, horses and a few other farm animals. 

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