Pregnancy Induced Brain Fog ... Brain Cloud

Why are there some women who love being pregnant? I am not one of them. I love the magic and wonder of creating life and becoming a mother but I wish pregnancy lasted about 1 week and I could give birth to a 10 month old instead of a newborn. Why? Because an interactive human is so much more fun than one who is still in the early developmental stages - sleeping, crying (because that's how they communicate), breastfeeding alllllllllllllllllllllllllll day and night, crying a little more, peeing, pooping, breastfeeding more, etc. It's quite a cycle.

So, why the complaints? I just made two huge forgetful-related mistakes recently and I'd like to chalk it up to this pregnant brain fog / cloud of mine.

Did you ever see the movie Joe Versus The Volcano? Not a classic Tom Hanks movie by any means but some scenes crack me up. In one scene (embedded in this post) he is diagnosed with a bogus claim of Brain Cloud. If only he was pregnant ... then it wouldn't have been bogus. hahahahaa

Of course there's also Ellen DeGeneres' skit on Forgetfulness. Story of my life these days. As for Rick Perry's hilarious blunder ... well, it's worth including because his "oops" moment is too good to pass up.

Maybe I should sleep more?
Oh, no, that's right ... I wake up all the time to pee because I'm pregnant. LOL

More post-it notes maybe will help. LOL I'm hoping. Only a couple more months left of pregger belly and then I'll be onto newborn exhaustion.  =)

That being said, I cannot wait to meet my little girl. I love the name we picked out and I can't wait to meet the little person whose name it will be.

** Below the short videos is information from What to Expect about "Pregnancy Brain" -- maybe this will help me legitimize the mistakes and forgetfulness lately ...

Here's some info about Pregnancy Brain according to What To Expect

Pregnancy-induced brain fog is a true (and truly frustrating) hallmark of pregnancy. If you suffer from so-called “pregnancy brain,” you may forget appointments, what you just walked into the store for, where you left your purse, whether you turned off the stove — and, maybe, your phone number. A fun fact: for reasons unknown, some research has shown that women pregnant with girls are, on average, more forgetful than those carrying boys.

What causes pregnancy brain?

As usual in pregnancy, it's just your pregnancy hormones having some fun — this time at the expense of your memory. A lack of quality shut-eye due to a number of sleep-busting conditions during pregnancy (especially common in your first and third trimesters) can also play a role, as can the fact that you're constantly zapped of energy (which your brain needs to stay focused). What’s more, all of those big and exciting changes going on in your life could have an impact on your ability to focus too. Research has also shown that your brain really does function differently during pregnancy, increasing activity in the side associated with emotional skills (in theory to ensure you’re neurologically attuned to your baby’s facial emotions at birth, so you bond more easily). Lastly, believe it or not your brain-cell volume actually decreases during the third trimester of pregnancy (which could explain why you can't remember what you just read about in that last paragraph). Not to worry, though — your brain will plump back up a few months after delivery.

What you need to know about it: 

First of all, forgetfulness is completely normal — and extremely common. Even if you pride yourself on your master multitasking skills or your ability to organize even the messiest closet, you still may find yourself having trouble concentrating or remembering your car keys. The good news is it’s also temporary — you'll have total recall again long before you start to have your "senior moments."

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