Terror Strikes Again

I think it's great that so many iconic buildings around the world displayed the colors of France ... but I cannot help but wonder if there is as much attention given to promoting peace (via conversation, school, workplace, etc) as there is to aesthetically promoting France ...

It's troubling that there is so much hatred toward people. The incredibly violent terrorist organizations have nothing to do with regular humans who are capable of compassion, empathy and nonviolent communication. Although there are far too many terrorists inhabiting this world, there are far more good people out there who know the difference between indoctrinated bullshit and simply being a good person.

To be honest, I am tired of having a military presence in the Middle East. Invest in alternative energy and not oil so we can leave that region. Invest in schools, invest in jobs, invest in healthcare, invest in mental health, invest in infrastructure, invest in increased wages / salaries for jobs that matter, invest in educational public television and radio, invest in all sorts of economic growth in our own country ... and continue the investment in national security (HERE). I don't feel we have accomplished or will accomplish anything by staying in the Middle East.

And ... I am completely sick and tired of US Forces (Special Forces included) training foreigners who have zero allegiance to the sides they fight on. We have literally trained terrorists (quite well) to fight against us ANNNNNND we continue arming awful people / groups. Promoting violence and financially investing in corruption will never solve anything.

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