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It's Wonderful, Marvelous ...

Art that makes you smile. Who can read the word wonderful and not feel great? No one. It's simply impossible. (Okay, a slight exaggeration but you get the drift). I find that positive words are like positive thinking ... it creates a breeding ground for good energy.

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Ship Captain Humor for a Nursery Room

I came across a joke that made me giggle and I hope it makes you giggle as well. Do you remember when you were little, laughing endlessly because of a silly little joke? Well that's how I feel about this one. It's just adorable. The joke is designed for a father / child ... but how could I possibly overlook the fact that women can (and are) captains as well?! So, I created a design that works well for fathers as well as mothers. I'd like to think that gender roles are flexible and I hope that by the time my daughters are older ... the roles are even more fluid.

Here's the joke ...   "What kind of stories does a ship captain tell her children?"
 *pause for giggles*

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