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Yesterday I did a photo shoot with a local woman for a book cover -- the storm, thankfully, didn't interfere with the photo. But I wanted to share this photo to further explain something that as a woman, a mother, a feminist and photographer, I value greatly. When I put out a modeling call, we aren't looking for models in the sense of a particular height, weight, or physical attributes, etc. We look for the beauty in everyday people. Now, that doesn't mean plain or ordinary -- it means finding the individual beauty that each and everyone holds. There is a remarkable beauty and power from a black and white portrait. The "noise" and "chaos" from colors are stripped away. And, what you are left with is seeing someone as they are, for who they are. So, if you are looking to get involved in one of our modeling calls, keep up with us on facebook. We love working with local families, businesses and people.
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A Summer in Cyprus - the Journey Begins

Cyprus was such an unexpectedly wonderful vacation for our family - and it turns out that much of this country is catered to families in a way that places locally should truly embrace. We signed up earlier this year on TrustedHouseSitters and truly lucked out! Our first sit (I posted about that earlier) was in a little town about 3 hours north of us near Gainesville, Florida. At that home we sat for 3 kitties and a whole bunch of chickens.

The second part of our summer was in Cyprus. Now, I'll admit that flying two little ones half way across the world is tough but it was completely worth it. First of all, we took Swiss Airlines and the crew was amazing. They sat gave us an extra empty seat next to us that came in hand during the incredibly long flight. And, although I've flown with my older daughter a few times, no airline (ever) had given us an infant safety belt. I did have one airline tell me that I couldn't babywear her (odd to me because the seatbelt holds me in an…