Hello, Roxanne!

Everyone, please meet a little sweetie pie kitty named Roxanne. We are doing a short-term foster for her while her primary foster is out of town. We love helping out with the local kitties and cats and encourage everyone who has the ability to take in a foster cat or kitten to do so. It's not only a great way to learn the responsibilities of pet ownership but it also helps socialize them so they are comfortable in a house setting and around people (and the noises people make).

Did you know that confined animals get depressed? It's true!!! So offer a little love and time to an animal if you are able to. The local Humane Society in Fort Pierce, Florida, provides all the essentials (food, litter, litterbox, medical care, etc) so it's really just your time and love that you invest. Not bad, aye?

I added the contact information for the Humane Society on the photo itself. Please share.


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