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Christmas Kindness: A Reflection

It's Christmas Eve - My daughters are playing with the wrapped presents under the Christmas tree (a bit of torture having them refrain from opening them. Some of the wrapping has already been torn a bit but they are working hard to not rip them open in full. Gifts won't get unwrapped until tomorrow morning). Anyway, while I'm sipping coffee and the day starts slowly, I thought I'd write about a Christmas from long ago that still makes me smile.

Here's a little story for you ...

In 2002 I met a guy named Moises who lived in the barracks next to mine while I was at AIT (that was the army job training school). He was a freaking clown - always trying to get my attention and I wasn't having it at all. He'd make me little roses out of the chow hall napkins and drop them on my table while I was eating - men get creative when they want attention. Paper flowers? Not gonna lie, the boy was genius. He'd find a way to notice me among the sea of hundreds of Soldiers…

A Minimalist Christmas

What is it about Christmas that turns people into compulsive consumers? Actually, the season of materialism kicks off on Black Friday, right? So, it's an entire chuck of the year dedicated to spending money and buying crap that's mostly unnecessary.

The thing I don't understand is ... if you really need something, why wait until Christmas for it? Why create a list of needs for a holiday that is supposed to celebrate the birth of (some people's) savior ... or Hanukkah or ... (insert religions here).

As a non-reglious and non-materialistic chick, I can't say I understand the compulsion surrounding the holiday season. I do love the holiday spirit and all of the decorations. Seriously, there should be decorations year round. Spices up life a bit!!

And, although I'm agnostic, I'm still down for wishing people a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Buon Natale, etc.  I am not preferential to any certain holiday wishes because I consider it a wish of happiness & …

A fantastic run - finally!!!!!

I used to run for fun. Those days came to a screeching halt when I got pregnant (both times). My body never recovered or enjoyed running once that massive change happened. During the heavier days, my joints were angry with me for jogging and I swear, my body never forgave me for that whole pregnancy and post-pregnancy thing. That is, it never forgave me until TODAY. Ohhhh what a good day today was!

Today I planned on going to my yoga class but, alas, childcare wasn't available at that time so I missed the class but still wanted to do something. I often workout with my kids. I use a baby carrier for my youngest (wearing her like a book bag) and then my older one runs next to me or ahead of me. It's not easy but it's manageable. And, because I'm keeping pace with my daughter, it's basically a slow jog with many walking breaks. Not challenging enough. But, when I workout with them, it's more about teaching them a love of nature and movement. So the purpose isn'…

A Humbling Beginning

A couple of months ago, I decided to try something completely new. I wanted to learn how to play an instrument. It took me a while to settle on one. I love piano, I love guitar ... but neither of those were easy to travel with. Guitar isn't terribly cumbersome but it's not as conveniently travel-friendly as a Ukulele. So, that settled that. I decided to buy a Uke.

I figured there were tutorials online to teach me - honestly, I went into this venture a bit naive - merely hoping for the best. I bought a random ukulele and tuner on Amazon because ... well, why not? Free shipping is one of those Amazon perks. Turns out, I didn't need a tuner because an app that I have been using has a tuner! Note: this is what happens when research is secondary to purchasing first.

I've been using Yousician and recommend it for newbies like me. They offer instruction on a few instruments - ukulele being one of them. I must admit that learning to play an instrument as an adult is humbling …

Who we are and what others see

Pretending to be someone you're not is a waste of the person you are -- quote by Kurt Cobain

I think it's challenging to be authentic all the time - sometimes we repeat lies to ourselves enough that we believe them. Sometimes other people influence us in ways that we don't even notice until we internalize them and blindly accept them. It's tough to listen to our inner voices when the noise of the world is so loud.

I've blogged about my Goddess Vibes journey - the journey I'm on to rediscover who I am and what I want in this life. For a time, I lost myself to a rather sour relationship with an undeserving man and I also lost myself to motherhood. I disconnected from my body, I disconnected from my needs, and the inner voice I should have been listening to all the while was hushed into background static. I'm working on me. I am constantly working on me, and I hope you are constantly working on you.

So here's a little story ....

I lived in Colorado for a bi…

Lessons From Trees

After going for a jog with my girls the other day, I sat on the beach and wrote a short (free verse) poem about trees. I am the kind of girl who comments about trees - and sincerely means it. I will often comment about the vibrancy of leaves, the texture of the bark, the gorgeous shade it offers, the shapes of the branches. I am completely that girl who admires and loves nature.

And so, on the beach, I looked up at the palm trees and realized that there is so much to love about nature, and there are lessons to learn from these glorious trees. 

move with the breeze, enjoy the sunshine, let the rain fall away. stand tall and  grow roots. 
liesl marelli

Move with the breeze. Movement and change is constant. The mere direction of the wind changes and we just have deal with changes, accept them, shift our perspective and make the most of it. We have to be flexible.  Enjoy the sunshine.  Live in gratitude, seek happiness, seek peace, seek the warmth of love, basque in the beauty of life.  Let the r…

Wait, he said what?!

After dropping my older daughter at school, my youngest and I went down by the jetty. I live near the water and don't take that privilege for granted. I enjoy the sea as much as possible with my girls. We walk down the long jetty, sit on the swings, sit on the rocks and watch the birds, look for manatees, etc.

It wasn't busy because it was a school / work day and so we enjoyed the quiet peace at the jetty. We held hands and walked at her adorably cute, slow pace and she pointed out each and every boat, bird, and dog she saw. I tried to point out a sea turtle to her but it was too confusing for her to understand. I normally don't see sea turtles here - usually just manatees - so it was a treat to see one!

As we were standing there at the edge of the jetty, an older man (maybe in his 60s?) came up and chatted. I don't initiate conversation with strangers but enjoy a random conversation with a local or tourist. He was a treasure hunter. He had one of his coins from a sunk…

Eco Drive for an Eco Chick

The other month I emailed my friend about how much it annoys me that my watch batteries suck. They stop too easily. They stop far too easily. And, although it should be simple to get a new battery for them, it's something that never seems to happen. Turns out watches don't replace their own batteries! LOL

I've got enough on my plate and my to-do list is ever-growing. Changing out a watch battery never made it high enough on my list to get accomplished. The watches I own just collect dust on the shelf. Instead of just nodding along (or whatever he did while reading my emails), he decided to surprise me with a watch that doesn't need to have a battery changed out. How did I not know about this before?

It needs sunlight and movement -- sounds a lot like my own needs. That's it! That's all it needs. Now, I've had people buy me jewelry that was less than appealing. Gosh, some of the styles that were gifted were in stark contrast to something I'd regularly we…

Handstands & Yoga

I've committed to doing a handstand each day as part of my self-improvement process. It wasn't that long ago that I couldn't support my body weight. Some women glow when they are pregnant and recovering from pregnancy back into their normal bodies is easy - that wasn't the case for me. I was stuck in a rut. Then again, I'm sure the process would have been easier if I had a person who was loving and encouraging (hindsight is 20/20).
That being said, I've decided to commit to a happier and healthier me despite someone's toxic influence. The best way to counteract negativity is try to thrive in gratitude and self-love; that's where the handstand project came into place. Ultimately, this is a part of my #GoddessVibes project. 
I am doing handstands and not headstands. I still don't feel comfortable putting my bodyweight on my head. It isn't comfortable and I'm not trying to be uncomfortable with this process in a way that I might get hurt - tha…

The Legacy of Our Words

Have you ever told someone they do something "like a girl" to imply they didn't meet a particular standard, were weaker, incapable, slower, etc.? Why is being associated with femaleness an insult? You run like a girl, throw like a girl, hit like a girl. These statements are hurtful as they are learned. And then they become dangerous to the psyche as it's internalized, accepted it and then learned to laugh about it and agree with it.

That shit is poisonous to our self worth, self esteem, self acceptance, self ... everything. Associating our gender with something other than positive words is toxic as hell. And, what of the boys who say it and the men they become? They pay us less, vote less often for women, say women can't hold office because they are emotional, they reinforce the glass ceilings, they critique our bodies, they rape our bodies, they objectify us, they belittle us ... and if we don't laugh with them, then we have "no sense of humor." 

Giving Thanks in Charleston, SC

Once again I have struck gold with house sitting. My girls and I were selected for a house sit in a town nearby Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The home is modern log, sits on beautiful land that has no neighbors in sight and has a wonderful fireplace that warms the well-designed home.

Here we are hanging out with three friendly dogs who are already BFFs with my girls and also a collection of poultry who hang out in the yard. I absolutely love caring for chickens and collecting (and consuming) fresh eggs!!! I also think it's a wonderful learning experience for my girls. They should know what they eat (when they eat chicken) and also should know how to care for them. A valid learning experience in my book!! They also have turkeys. We aren't eating any turkey today - instead, on this Thanksgiving, we will give extra yummy treats to these guys and let them eat up.

House sitting isn't for everyone. I am well aware of the people who think it's a brilliant and affordable …