Lucky find - Dining in Québec

Continuing on our daily adventures, yesterday we headed north to Canada. It was my first time going there and based on my experiences, I will certainly try to go there again!

So, north of Vermont is Québec and so, that's where we ended up. We went with literally no destination in mind. Our only plan was to find a place to eat and turn around. And, we completely lucked out by finding an amazing place to have brunch.

I usually check out recommendations on Google maps and Travel Advisor on the web. Sometimes I wonder what the heck people are thinking when things like The Olive Garden gets a high rating. Nonetheless, I am often hopeful to find someone who truly loves food and food experiences through the reviews. One place really stood out -- a restaurant in the country (literally surrounded by a few homes and many, many farms) called L'Oeuf. 

We pulled up to it and the small parking area was empty. Before getting the girls out of the car in the blistering cold, I popped my head in to see if it was open. The room I entered didn't look like much of a dining space. I thought maybe they had some soup options and snacks at most. They said they were open so I got the girls out of the car and headed in. Lo and behold, there was a gorgeous dining room around the corner! 

The restaurant is basically like eating at a family house. The decor was charmingly French country, rustic and beautiful. The it's a kind of place that speaks comfortable elegance without being pretentious.
We chatted with the owner a bit and then ordered their brunch meal -- coffee, an omelette (or sausages) and then a crepe dessert. Sounded good to me! Our 4 year old got a yummy crepe with homemade nutella (well, their homemade version has a different name but she ate it up all the same) with banana. And, because it was chilly, we let her have a hot chocolate. 

Our meals were divine! The ham on my omelette was ahhmazing. Sofi and Ric helped eat it because it was too tasty to pass up. Ric had homemade sausage, mashed potato and a vegetable medley. There was literally nothing we were given that wasn't fantastic tasting! 

So by the end of the meal we were insanely stuffed and completely satisfied. It's not often that we find good dining for the family but when we do, it's worth every penny. In fact, my pet peeve is dining out and basically having something that's flash fried and heated up (instead of cooked). Most places are a $40 waste. This place was a $70 investment in culinary happiness. Eating a homemade meal tastes better, makes you feel better and in this kind of place ... well, we got lucky. I am so glad we stumbled upon this gem. 

I am sorry to tell you that they didn't stamp our passports as we entered Canada. The same thing happened when we drove from Spain to France. No stamp at all. Such a bummer. The Canadian border guy was not too pleasant. I was expecting a free sample of Maple Syrup and a hug. LOL (kidding!) But on the way back to the USA, the border process was SO different. The agent wanted our life story and I cannot believe Ric wasn't detained. 

Agent to Ric: "What was the purpose of your trip to Canada?"
Ric: "Lunch and driving around for the day."
Agent: "Do you have anything to declare? Currency exceeding $10k?"
Ric: "No"
Agent: "Where are you from?"
Ric: "Florida"

(Okay at this point, it was funny to me that Ric wasn't like "Oh, we are house sitting in Vermont not far from here so we were going to Canada for lunch." But all he said was Florida. Like, who in Florida goes to Canada for lunch by car? With a car that doesn't have FL plates)

I speak up and say we are house sitting.

She asks Ric: "Where are you house sitting?"
Ric: "Vermont"  (OMG so vague. Are you trying to get detained?)
Agent: "What's the name of the house sitter?"
Ric doesn't know. So I shout the answer from the back seat. I'm sitting with my girls who are sleeping. 
Agent: Where does he live?
Ric: "In Vermont."

OMG Are you kidding me, Ric. What kind of asinine answers are these?

Agent: "How do you know him?" (Referring to the guy we are house sitting for)
Ric: "Through a website."

Again, OMG, Ric. OMG. 

Long story short, the conversation didn't go well. I can't believe he didn't get detained. He was so shady with his information. Absolutely ridiculous. If I was the agent, I'd have continued the questioning. He was just absurd. 

So, that's that. Really, it could have become a long, miserable day for us but thankfully the chick at the border didn't want to deal with him any longer. (I know the feeling!) hahahhahhaa

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