Touring a Vermont Maple Syrup Farm

Each day we head off on an adventure while we are house sitting in Vermont. Yesterday we went to Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks. My mom raised me right ... taught me to love French Toast and * real * maple syrup. So, this place was like a little Disneyland for me.

The first thing we noticed when we pulled in was that there was a cross country ski trail that goes through the property and some skiers were passing through who had pretty bright jackets. There is also parking for skiers, a ski shop and something about season passes (I know zero about cross country skiing so if you have questions, you'll have to ask them about it. Who checks the passes anyway? What are they for? I have no idea ...) There was also a path for people wearing snow shoes. Cool, huh?!

There are two goats outside so my daughter immediately loved the place. The goats are curious, cute and it wasn't stinky. (but perhaps it wasn't stinky because it was cold out).

We accidentally entered the building through the ski shop but there is a short cut through the building to get up to the cafe and gift shop (so you don't have to get cold and walk around any icy hilly areas around the building). The people in the ski shop were nice. A friendly black lab greeted us. There was a sign that said that dogs were welcome on Wednesdays. (Don't you just love places that love pets?!)

Anyway, we went up to the main floor that houses the gift shop. There are so many things I wanted to buy -- varieties of maple syrup from the farm, artisan crafts, handmade clothes, jewelry,
adorable onesies that are worn by adults and kiddos alike. I can picture a family Christmas card where we are all dressed in cute Vermont onesies.

As far as the cafe area, they have some coffees, ice creams, kettle corn and candies all infused with maple syrup. So cool. I had a maple syrup latte. Yum!!! Ric had a maple coffee. Sofia had a hot chocolate which she drank some and then spilled the rest on the floor (ugh. the joys of parenting)

On the way out, we bumped into Jake who told us that this was his family's farm and a bit about the history (below is a photo I snapped of Jake).

We chatted for quite a while. He told us about how his grandparents owned the farm and the size the building used to be. Sounds like they've put in a lot of work from the farm's initial concept. His family farm is independently owned (yay for them not selling out to conglomerates). They even let you tour the farm and walk around like a photo-loving tourist. That's super cool of them!! If it was warmed outside we would have walked around the property.

It was evident how proud he was of the history and their current operations. It's cool when people step into a family business and feel that sense of pride for taking the reigns. There is a short video they play in a super cute wood shed "theater" outside that was moved inside because of the weather. The girls were fussy and it was time for us to leave so we weren't able to watch it. I'm sure it's a great overview though.

Anyway, that was our little exploration yesterday.

Here's the farm's info if you are looking to visit them: Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks 1168 County Road, Montpelier, VT 05602

** Gotta mention, this blog wasn't paid or endorsed by the farm. I just love independent farms and cool local things to do when we travel so this blog reflects our experiences. If they decide to send me some syrup because they appreciate the blog, I'd be happy to put it to use on some yummy French Toast.  (big smile!)

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