A Happy New Year For A little Kitty

We fostered a little kitty named Roxanne for a couple of months through the Humane Society in Fort Pierce, Florida. The foster mom had to stop because she was pregnant and needed to get medical care (hope it worked out for her! I know pregnancy scares suck). Anyway, I was contacted by the foster coordinator to see if we were available for a kitty. Of course we were!!!

Roxanne was a crazy combination of spunky playful kitty and utter snuggler. If you weren't near her she cried for company. If you left the house, she was sad. This little cookie loved company. And, Sofia (my nearly 4 year old) had a blast with her. She picked her up and put her on her lap, carried her around the house and so on. The cat was child-proof and my daughter was a Roxanne fan.

Together we sang the song "Roxanne" but made up our own lyrics for it. It was fun. The name was perfect for her. (I wonder if the new family will keep her name?)

Anyway, today I was notified she was officially adopted. I am so happy for Roxanne. We had to give her back to the foster coordinator while we traveled for the holiday so we were hoping she'd have a fast stay with her and move on to her forever home. We knew how sad she got without attention ... so it's with a happy heart I announce she has a family. 2017 is a happy year and a fresh start for us all -- Roxanne included!!!

Here are some of the sweet pics I captured of Roxanne at the house with my girls.

I was asked by the foster coordinator to help foster for a foster (who was away on holiday). Omg. So glad to help give Roxanne a happy little home for now with me and my girls. This little kitty is right at home already sitting on my daughter's lap (agree nearly 4 yrs old)!! The kitty is only about 1.5 months old and cannot officially get adopted until she is 3lbs (that's about another 2 months from now, I think). Anyway, if you know anyone looking for a kitty, she will be available soon and there are plenty of other kittens and cats who need a home. I encourage people to foster or volunteer at u our local animal shelter. It's so rewarding for the animals and the humans. #ftpierce #thefort #fortpierce #stluciecounty #psl #verobeach #treasurecoast #adoptme #adoptdontshop #humanesociety #ftpiercefl #kitties #animals #kittycat
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And now for my plug about being a pet foster...

Do it because you help save a life.
Do it because it keeps space in the shelter so animals aren't euthenized (killed) because of lack of space.
Do it because it helps socialize animals making them less likely to be "returned" for not working out or other bullshit reasons that are often uttered by pet owners who suck.
Do it because petting a pet has been proven to have wonderful health benefits (for pet and human alike)
Do it because it teaches children responsibility and how to be gentle and caring with animals
Do it because it's free. With the Humane Society in Fort Pierce, Florida, they provide medical care, litter, litter box and scoop, food, medicine (if needed) and a carrying case for transporting the pet to and from the shelter..

What are your responsibilities as a pet foster? Well, first, you have to be sure to communicate with the foster coordinator at the shelter. If the pet needs to have check ups or medicine or immunizations, you have to schedule and keep an appointment with the shelter staff. If your pet is going to adoption day, you either bring the pet to the designated adoption center at a specified time. You also agree to love and care for the pet and provide a loving home.

Additional duties that help get the pet adopted is to share info about it online. Take photos. Share them with the Humane Society's facebook page or wherever you are able. My goal as a foster is always to get the animal adopted as soon as he or she is able. For cats, it's a matter of making a particular weight. Once they weigh enough (and are healthy) they can get adopted. I like to post tons of photos to catch people's attention to get an adoption settled even before they are able to physically have the cat. That's what makes me feel successful. I also share details about the behavior and what kind of family I feel is best suited for the pet .... each pet has different personalities. And, personalities change based on the environment. So, I offer my suggestions with a little disclaimer that how the cat behaves in my home with kids may be totally different to the way it behaves in a home with another pet or no children. Ya know? It's a learning experience for pet and new family alike.

People ask all of the time how I can stand to bring a cute pet into the house and then let it go to get adopted. I tell them (and I mean it) that it's like babysitting. You can absolutely be fond of and love being a babysitter and develop a bond with whomever you are sitting for, but you don't keep it at the end of the day (little kid or pet). We take the responsibility of caring for a foster pet seriously and love it like madness but our goal is to be a temporary home. I teach my girls through this process that you can love something and let it go on to a home. We don't have to keep everything we love. Our goal is to save animals by keeping them out of shelters ... not to become a cat hoarder house. LOL

So, that's my two cents about fostering and what it means to us and why I feel you should consider it. I do hope you do. It's a new year and there are MANY lives to save.

Oh - and don't backyard breed. Spay and Neuter your animals. And don't buy from irresponsible unlicensed backyard breeders who use their animals to get some money. Breeders should be licensed. If they can't show you a license then don't buy it! If you buy from a breeder, they are up to date with shots, registered, etc. From an animal shelter all animals undergo getting spay/neutered and pass a little health test and get all of their shots/ immunizations. Be safe and keep backyard breeders out of any prospects for new pets.  (OR REPORT THEM!)

Now I'm done.

Happy New Year! 

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