An Easy Way to Annoy Moms

(not my kid but ya get my point)
Want to know an easy way to annoy a mom? Wake a baby by blowing your horn to let her know that she is too slow getting her sleeping child into (or out of ) a car.

Yesterday I was taking my daughter to her martial arts class and my littlest one was sleeping. She's a year old. I like when she sleeps and is a happily rested baby. I was in small strip mall (only about 7 stores maybe) and the traffic is basically non existent. There's no rush for spots or lack there of or waiting on spots.  There weren't people outside the stores just hanging out on sidewalks. I say this because the circumstances didn't offer any reason at all for this one guy's actions.

The vehicle next to me (a gas guzzling super huge bright red pick up truck lacquered with Gun Rights & Trump stickers sprinkled with a dash of southern confederacy d├ęcor) was parked next to mine. I was doing my very best to get my sleeping daughter out of the car without waking her. That means gently loosening the straps of her car seat and getting her body slowly out of it so she could stay sleeping. During this time, the truck next to me had a guy sitting in it but wasn't moving. He was reading something. I know this because I looked to see if he was reversing before starting the process of getting my daughter out of the car. He was just sitting there though reading a menu for a new restaurant in the shopping complex.

So, after seeing he wasn't reversing (no lights in reverse, still in park, head down reading), I proceeded to get my daughter out. The side of the car I was getting my daughter was the same side as his driver's side so we were practically next to each other. Just as I finally got the straps removed and was putting her to my chest to carry her, he blares the horn. Freaking blares the horn.


He could have simply rolled down his window and said, "Can you shut your door?" or whatever would have been kinder and more polite than blaring his horn at me and waking my daughter.

Where is the kindness and courtesy? The truck, as I described was big and loud and the horn was no less loud. It was like a freakin air horn. Why couldn't the man just roll down his window? I was literally less than 2 feet away from him.

I suppose I'm writing this for two reasons (1) my utter annoyance at this rude man's behavior and (2) remind people that when a car door is open in the back seat and a person is standing next to it, they are probably attending to a kid so instead of freaking out the kid and being a jerk, just roll down your window and ask them to shut the door for a moment or ask when they'll be done.

It's a simple courtesy.

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